The Best of Jersey Shore

Relive all the episode recaps of the Jersey Shore. It was much simpler times.
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Jersey Shore Recap: Ronnie’s Drunken Mom + VaDeena’s Box = a Recipe for Success

Get Social:  Join Me! Ike and AnnaMae: The Sequel – Oh no Ike and AnnaMae are back in action this week right where we left off. At first I was like, “Oh yeah, I almost forgot Ronnie was about to get abusive.” There has to be some correlation between Ronnie’s physical altercations, verbal abuse, and […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Da Dip, Da Club, Da Split

Join IBBB on Facebook and Twitter! Grandpa Sitch is Definitely Banging the Dogs – When everyone goes out in the rain storm to get tanned within an inch of their lives, Grandpa Situation is lonely so, per usual, he takes to the dogs of the house.  Ever notice how close he holds the little white […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Get Hesstatic! VaDeena Is.

El Pollo Has Come Home to Roost – All hail Sammi SweatStains is back at Pedophile Manor! Thank Christ because after a long and emotional 2 days of Sammi working on herself and “doing her” she is fully cured from “the crazy” and is back in action with a brand new pair of glasses. Honestly, […]

Jersey Shore Recap: I’m Sorry, Ronnie’s Father, But the Princess is in Another Castle

Snooki Sexcapades – Finally Snooki has officially “got it in” thanks to Gianni.  Is it not normal that I assume there is bronzer all over the condom?  What?  These are things I think of. It’s fine.  After Gianni is unable to cuddle with Snooki on the sheetless crab infested bed she kicks him out and […]

Jersey Shore Recap: This Episode Was My Fear Factor

Be Social:  Join Me! 2+2= Roids: The Aftermath – See what I did there? Sam drives away in her black cab (class act) and Ronnie is left to smoke his Newport’s all my himself. He is distraught. Luckily Grandpa Situation is there to awkwardly hug his head over and over again and give him words […]

Jersey Shore Recap: If Sammi and Ronnie Break Up in the Woods and We’re Not There to See It, Did It Really Happen?

Well I’m back to NYC from my trip to sunny San Diego.  So this recap is better late than never.  The amount of emails I received about this recap being late is, well, concerning.  If the 200 people who emailed me don’t hit the “recommend” button I’m going to punch myself in the ding-a-ling until […]

Jersey Shore Recap: The One Where Ronnie Gets “Time of the Month”

Get Social: Join IBBB Where right back where we left off last week at “da club” and while Sammi Sweatstains and JWoww ShamWow have made peace, it is Yawnie who is drinking everything under the sun and pissing off Sam.  They begin to…wait for it…wait for it….fight.  In his one on one interview Yawnie says, […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Pow! Right in the Kisser. Pow! Right in the Kisser. Pow! Right in the Kisser.

Be Social: Join IBBB Gail the Snail is Back – While Snooki is out in Long Island comforting JWoww ShamWow after her boyfriend ransacked her home, Ryder shows up at Pedophile Manor to bring a lot of awkward “blah” to the house.  Why does she always look like she just crawled out of a hollowed-out […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Free Snooki and VaDeena’s Perma-Cameltoe

Get Social: Join IBBB on Facebook and Twitter We pick up from where we left of on Monday’s bonus crapisode of Jersey Shore with JWoww ShamWow and VaDeena freaking out over the fact the Snooki got arrested for being a drunken circus freak on the beach.  They’re acting like she’s on her way to the […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Can This “Sea-Biscuit” Die at the End Too?

That’s right!  It’s a bonus episode of Jersey Shore.  What a great way to celebrate MLK day!  I’m on about a combo of 3 hours sleep in the past 3 days, but here’s what went down last night on Jersey Shore: What 15 episodes have I missed where all of a sudden Sammi SweatStains feels […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Awww Vinny Has a Stalker!

Join Me on Facebook and Twitter! GTL, DTS, DTF, OPP, PYT, LOL, WWW can only mean one thing…it’s recap time!  Here’s what went down on the latest episode of Jersey Shore and, well, if you like what you read spread the word and gently press the “recommend” button.  If you don’t like it, well, then […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Meet Deena, the Walking Holiday, and Her Seasonal Na-Na

Join Me on Facebook and The Twitter! Break out your gold-plated crabs comb and start scratchin’ because Jersey Shore is back! You know how Jesus promised to come back to the United States via Heaven years down the line? Well, this is basically it for me. With all the dead birds falling from the sky […]

Jersey Shore Reunion Recap: Tranades and, Well, Pretty Much Nothing Else

Join Me on Facebook! So let’s recap the ever loving peep out of this Jersey Shore reunion. I have to admit, the reunions are typically the worst as the reactions from what other cast members say usually isn’t from what they really said. Make sense? Who cares. Also, the chick that hosts this show is […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Frog Legs and Crows that Quack

Join Me on Facebook! It’s the last crapisode of Jersey Shore.  I’ve gym’d, I’ve tanned, I’ve done laundry (except I didn’t tan or do laundry…and I totally half-assed it at the gym).  Let’s see what went down on the season finale: The gangs heads out to the Florida Everglades to look for some alligators.  They […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Checkers and The Hook Up Board. Fun Games For the Kids!

Join Me on Facebook and The Twitter! We’re down to the final two crapisodes of the season.  I don’t even want to think what my life will be without Snooki.  I won’t even go there mentally.  Waaah.  Here’s what went down last night on The Jersey Shore: Um, hello!? I’m usually ready to go home […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Grandpa Situation Slaps Snooki in the Mouth and Other Hijinks!

  More:  Top 20 Beauty Trends & Products Angelina Trash Bags is gone from Casa de Syph and so Pauly D/Ellen Travolta and Grandpa Situation are up nice and early to tear apart her bed and throw it out into the backyard, straight up Sanford and Son style.  It’s amazing how all the other “roommates” […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki Fights Angelina, but Not Stereotypes

Join Me on Facebook! I know, I know.  I missed the Jersey Shore recap last week.  I will blame the flu-shot, the recession, global warming, the war in Iraq, razorblades in Halloween apples, allergy season, and the entire cast of 227.  I know I have let you all down but, let’s face it, absence makes […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Uncle Nino + Danny Devito + Lil Kim = 1 Snooki (Remainder 2)

Join Me on Facebook! Leave to MTV so sneak a new crapisode of Jersey Shore on before the VMAs on Sunday.  Well you have to wake up early in the morning to pull one over on me.  Actually, you only need to wake up.  Anycrap, here’s what went down on the latest episode of The […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Apparently Santa Claus is Dead. Oh, Spoiler Alert.

Join Me on Facebook! We pick up where we left off last week with a nice little slugfest between JWoww ShamWow and Sammi SweatStains.  With all the grease and sweat I’m surprised they could even get any of their punches to connect.  Ronnie lets us know that this fight is like “firecrackers in a dumpster.”  […]

Jersey Shore Recap: A Watermelon, Pinhole and, Apparently, Sammi’s Balls Walk Into a Bar…

Join Me on Facebook! So like a typical day in the life of Lil’ Snooki DeVito, she’ sporting a sombrero, finishing the beers in the backyard, finds out she just drank cigarettes, bends over to spit it out with her cooch hanging out the back of her skirt, goes into the house to dry hump […]