The Best of Jersey Shore

Relive all the episode recaps of the Jersey Shore. It was much simpler times. We loved the duck phone, Snooki being arrested all the live-long day, Pauly's stalker and so much more!

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Jersey Shore Recap: Jean Shirts and Cloned Greeters

This show is horrific.  Finding 9 things to discuss was like trying to figure out exactly where Vinny’s left eye is looking. 1.  It’s Refreshing to See Angelina at “Da Club” – You know times on the Shore are tough when part of the crapisode consists of a cameo by Angelina Trash Bags.  And you […]

What Snooki Being Pregnant Means for You, Me, Her, and The America

It was only a matter of time that our beloved Snooki would be shooting a tiny leopard print baby out of her gentlemen greeter.  Many of you have emailed IBBB to get my take on this momentous occasion.  Here’s what I think Snooki’s pregnancy means for you, me, her and the rest of The America […]

Jersey Shore Recap: 10 Things Not Worth Discussing

Like an innocent night that starts out with just one simple beer and leads to 12, I have almost no recollection of what actually happened last night on Jersey Shore.  I think it’s safe to assume that abnormally short and orange-shaded people were drunk and fell down, but I’m thinking there must have been more […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Pauly D’s Stalker 2.0

So I’m convinced that when Grandpa Sitch is on the phone, there’s actually no one else on the other end.  Either that or he forgets that the call is on speaker phone and we can actually hear what the other person is saying.  This time around Sitch is chit-chattin’ with his boyfriend, The Unit, via […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Let Go, Let God…Let This Series End

I used to really look forward to the night when Jersey Shore was on.  Now I give it the classic side-eye like I do when I see “the kids” still trying to pull off the “hipster” look in the poor parts of NYC.  Yawn.  Either way, I watched it so I’ll write a little ditty […]

Jersey Shore Recap: The Many Phases of Pauly D’s Hair (Wet Curls FTW)

Get Social: Dear God.  What in the hell happened to Jersey Shore?  Remember when MTV decided to do 4 seasons of The Osbourne’s and towards the end even nuns would yawn at the all the swearing and illegal drugs use?  Well this is same/same…but with tans.  This was, literally, the longest hour of my life.  […]

Jersey Shore Recap: On a Very Special Episode of Jersey Shore…

Since the folks over at MTV seem to think we, as viewers, don’t have the ability to retain what we saw during last weeks episode, they decided to start off the latest episode with the last 5 minutes of last weeks episode.  This basically consists of Vinny getting ready to murder-suicide the pants off of […]

Jersey Shore Recap: We’re All Getting Too Old For This

Remove your genitals from the George Forman grill and wash your drip-tray because Jersey Shore is back!  I’m actually outta breath from even typing that sentence.  Let’s just put it out there.  These jokers are getting a little too old for this sh*t.  I’m getting too old to be writing about this sh*t.  You’re getting […]

Jersey Shore Season Finale: Clutch in the Cooch

Well, my friends, it’s the last crapisode of Jersey Shore.  It seems like just yesterday we were learning how Italy officially hated “The America” after the kids from the Jersey Shore landed on their little island (?) and, you know, ruined it.  Now today, they’re getting ready to leave.  You can tell that this show […]

Jersey Shore Recap: The One Where Snooki-Mouse Somehow Sidesteps Alcohol Poisoning

So Snooki is still Slampigachusettes, right? Right.  We pick up where we left off last week which was Snooki calling the oddly proportioned Jionni to spill the greasy beans that she let Vinny “do sex” to her and then, because he’s a gentlemen, tell her about it the next day.  Luckily since Jionni doesn’t really […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Why is a Grown Man Called “The Unit?”

Just so we’re all on the same page, Snooki has been drunk since the moment she landed in Italy, correct?  Thought so.  11 minutes after breaking up with Stumpy McWhatswithyourtorso, Snooki hops in the bed of Vinny and ends up getting it in.  She actually doesn’t remember that she got it in and just thought […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Taking a Pregnancy Test Any Other Way Than Drunk Is Just Stupid

If your blood alcohol level is at “freakin’ poof” then you’re a little less drunk than Snooki is.  Since last week all 60 minutes consisted of Snooki being three sheets to the wind, screaming, crying, fighting her roommates, and showing her Gentlemen Greeter on stage it only makes sense that this week Snooki stops drinking.  […]

Jersey Shore Italy Recap: The One With the Meatball Scissors

What in the holy hell happened last night on Jersey Shore?  I felt like I was watching an episode of Girls Gone Wild that would only feature Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito 13 sheets to the wind!  It’s like Taxi and Cheers combined, got tanned, got crabs, and then combusted.  Had this taken place during […]

Jersey Shore Italy Recap: Fist Pump, Push Ups, Chapstick (FPC) is the New DTF, Which was the Old GTL. I Still Run With OPP and PYT, Yo!

It’s been a busy crapisode of Jersey Shore and by “busy” I mean “no one punched someone until 45 minutes in.”  I guess it’s times like this where we should just be grateful that punches are being thrown at all.  I hear in some countries, their reality show casts aren’t allowed to hit at all!  […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Grease Slaps and Neck Braces

Welcome survivors of Hurricane Irene, that filthy pig-whore!  To recap what happened in Thursday’s crapisode, VaDeena was a dirty Choochasaurus Rex and then, in the last 42 seconds, a fight took place between Ronnie, Sammi, and Grandpa Sitch.  Ronnie decides to continue with his side passion for interior decorating and bedroom furniture rearrangement and moves […]

Jersey Shore Italy: Lesbionic Twinning For Those Who Speak Well English

Just in case the bleach that you poured through your ears, eyes, and nose didn’t burn the image of Pauly D/Ellen Travolta tonguing the grease out of VaDeena from two weeks ago, MTV is going to remind us again.  Happy Birthday to me.  I’m now officially sterile. And at only 21, what a shame.  I’ve […]

Jersey Shore Italy Recap: Pierre, the Marionette, is my Jersey Shore Unsung Hero

Go fist pump your muffler because it’s time for another trashtastic crapisode of Jersey Shore.  Just to ensure that I throw away my sandwich during the first 15 seconds, MTV has decided to give us all a friendly reminder of VaDeena sticking her midget tongue down Pauly D/Ellen Travolta’s garbage can of a throat.  You […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Italy, a Magical Land of Voltage Calculations

Well, folks, it’s the moment that we’ve all been praying for.  Karma has evicted the cast of the Jersey Shore from “The America” and placed them in a little place I like to call “Italy.”  Perhaps you would like to call it that too?  All I know is that I can take comfort in the […]

Jersey Shore Reunion Recap: Every Color in the Box

Get Social: Join Me It’s time for the Jersey Shore reunion so that can only mean one thing: Editing facial reactions and comments within an inch of its life. The only thing I find more comical than The Hills Edit-o-Matic 3000 is the girl that they pulled out of the dumpster giving homeless men and […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Cookah’s of Our Lives

Get Social:  Join IBBB Is Sammi Talking to George Glass? – Per usual, we pick up right where we leave off every week which is (say it with me!) Ronnie and Sammi fighting. Hooray! AnnaMae is going to have to take five, for real, because Arvin without an M is on the duck phone and […]