Presenting: Mariah Careytoe

With Mariah Carey you can always count on two things; A lot of forehead and a lot of cameltoe – not necessarily in that order. When I first came across these photos of Mariah arriving at the Crillon Hotel in Paris I first thought, “Who cares.” However, I then immediately knew that by simply clicking […]

Breaking News: Mariah Doesn’t Look Like a Whore. Whores Everywhere Hang Their Head in Shame.

Wait, is Mariah trying to put me out of business? If I can’t post a picture of Mariah Carey weighing too much and showing off some Carey Cameltoe, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to write? How can I be funny? I can’t. It’s sad. It apparently makes me write short […]

Mariah Carey to Be Your Mother

Choo-choo! Let’s take a ride on the “Random Celebrity Adoption” train! Mariah Carey is rumored to adopt a Mexican orphan. Seriously, the kid is better off an orphan. Mariah reportedly visited a Mexican orphanage with her lawyer recently and there are thoughts that she is going to adopt her ass off! When asked, Mariah said […]

Mariah & Celine Named Worst Singers EVER

With the Grammy’s behind us it’s good to see that awards are still being given out in the music industry. British music “Q” decided to poll its readers to see who would be named the “worst singers ever.” And the awards go to….. Mariah CareyCeline DionOzzy Osbourne So what did the panel have to say […]

Mariah Carey is London’s Next Top Model

Congratulations, Mariah, you’re still in the running towards becoming London’s next…top…model. Well, close enough. Mariah Carey has become the new face of “Pinko” – a London-inspired fashion brand. Mariah has said about this deal: “I’m really flattered to have been asked to be the new face of Pinko. I first discovered this spectacular fashion house […]

Jennifer Lopez is Dead to Mariah Carey?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, God bless YouTube. In an interview with Mariah Carey in some other country (I’m shooting for either France or Germany? I get easily confused when I don’t hear a Boston accent) Mariah was asked what she thought about Beyonce and Mariah, surprisingly, said how much she […]

Mariah Carey Sorta Wets the Bed, Really

I’m not sure how many times you’re allowed to have a “comeback” after going mental, but I think “one” is the limit. Although Mariah is really pushing the envelope with that. In order to keep her voice in tip-top condition, Mariah likes to sleep, shall we say, “wet.” Sure. Wet. In a recent interview, Mariah […]

Mariah Carey: Christmas Cameltoe

It’s really important that we remember the important things when it comes to the holiday season….you know, like Christmas Cameltoe. I’m sorry, that was wrong of me. I guess what I really meant to say was, “Holiday” cameltoe because cameltoe really doesn’t belong to any one religion. That’s the beauty of “the toe.” Mariah Carey […]

Mariah Wears Cameltoe; Muppet Feet

Mariah Carey was leaving her mom’s jewelry store in Aspen, CO when some photographers snapped up some pictures. My guess is that they were awe of some celebrity cameltoe. I wonder how many muppets had to die in order for Mariah to wear those boots. Somewhere in the world right now Elmo and Honker are […]