Michael Lohan Not to Look at Daughter’s Freckly Rack

With all the smut talk about daughter Lindsay No Pants and her newly exposed rack attack, Us Weekly asked Michael Lohan if he was going to take a sneak peak her Marilyn Monroe inspired knockers. Michael, the noble man he is, stated, “I’m not going to look at those photos – that’s my daughter!” Like […]

Lindsay’s Boobs and Freckles. Sure.

Well happy Lohan Boob Tuesday! As you know, Lindsay was recently featured in New York Magazine showing a little Lohan boob and a side of freckles. Lindsay was asked to pose and “dress” like Marilyn Monroe as, apparently, New York Magazine finds the similarity between both Lindsay and Marilyn…I think because they are both 38-year […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Freckle Tanning Sauce

You know what always goes good with BBQ chicken? Why, Lindsay Lohan Freckle Tanning Sauce, of course! Should Lindsay just leave her freckles as is or should she use some spray tan goop and look like a dirty mess? It’s really a tough call. It’s like “Sophie’s Choice.” Lindsay was out and about at the […]

Lindsay Sports a Potato Sack

Lindsay must be in a rush as she running around in LA over the weekend in order to find exactly where the Brady Bunch family annual potato sack race is. I think she’s a shoe-in this year! Although, at this time I feel a moment of sadness. This moment of sadness is similar to the […]

Lindsay Lohan Ghost Ass

Lindsay’s home from her drunken slutted-out (??) holiday! She carted her ass back to NYC from Italy over the weekend, literally, and then flew back to sunny LA. Now by now you know my fascination with ghost boobs, but this may be a first. Lindsay is being haunted by ghost ass. Actually this may not […]

Lindsay Lohan Off the Wagon!

My New Years prayers have been answered! Lindsay Lohan is fun again! My friends over at TMZ.com (they don’t know who I am) spotted Lindsay playing sucky-face with a bottle of champagne on New Years Eve in Italy. Yay! Like a moth to flame. Linday’s lawyer did confirm with TMZ.com that Lindsay did in fact […]

Lindsay Jail, Jail Lindsay. Hi.

I spent more time in a meeting yesterday then Lindsay No Pants spent serving her jail time. Lindsay’s jail time served? 84 minutes. My meeting? 90 minutes. Whose conditions were worse during that time? Lindsay’s jail cell or the room where my meeting was held? Answer: The room where my meeting was held, only because […]

What the Christ Happened to Lindsay’s Face

Uh, what in the Christ happened to Lindsay’s face? Lindsay is fresh out of rehab and playing “tan, tan, give me a tan” at some random tanning salon. It’s not the tan, however, that I’m questioning. What happened to her eyes, nose, and teeth? It’s like Lindsay suffered from Downs Syndrome after she stopped drinking […]

This Time Last Year: Lindsay Lohan

It’s time for another look into the past year of IBBB and experience “This Time Last Year.” This time, we’re taking a look at Lindsay No Pants and what that crazy little skank was up to “This Time Last Year.” Here’s what me and Lindsay were up to: It’s official. Lindsay Lohan is in the […]

Lindsay and Her Box. Clever.

I’ve received many emails asking why I haven’t commented on Lindsay being out of rehab. My thought process is pretty basic and I’ve stated it before. “A sober Lindsay is a boring Lindsay.” While Lindsay remains sober over the next few weeks, I predict that there won’t be a lot for me to write about. […]

Michael Lohan to Marry Lindsay Lohan?

Well by now we already know that Lindsay has been freed from Camp Rehab in Utah after reuniting with her father, Michael Lohan. I can’t wait to see Lindsay tackle her newly found soberism (is that a word?) one party in LA at a time. Anyway, I didn’t know that Michael and Lindsay were about […]

Don’t Worry Lindsay, Daddy Lohan is Here to Help! Phhhhew! You’re Saved!

Fret no more my dearest Lindsay No Pants. Getting a little tired of the ho-hum boring aspects of Camp Rehab? Well worry no more because a clown is literally coming to visit you. That’s right! Heeeeeere’s daddy (Lohan)! Clean cut Michael Lohan is on his way to Utah to spend a little quality time with […]

Will Dina Swap Places With Lindsay?

I heart Dina Lohan. Just take a look at this crazy minx. Whose mom dresses like that? She is a mirror of Lindsay. Technically she’s a coke mirror of Lindsay. Dina stopped by for a visit and a photo opportunity at Lindsay No Pant’s rehab facility in Utah. While some are saying that Dina is […]

Oh Yeah, Lindsay Lohan is Still Alive

I almost completely forgot that Lindsay Lohan was actually still alive until I saw these pictures. Then I was like, oh yeah she is. I should post these. That was my thought process. Anyway, Lindsay was allowed into Utah society (i.e the rehab parking lot) for a quick smoke and coffee break, but then it […]

Lindsay Allowed to Drink and Drive?

Will Lindsay be the modern day OJ Simpson? TMZ.com is reporting that there is a “strong possibility” that the LA County DA’s office will not file felony charges against Lindsay for her two DUI arrests. I think that’s a great idea. And to celebrate I think Lindsay should have a few drinks and drive all […]

Someone Check That Dog for Drugs

Did anyone witness that dog actually walking? My money is on that it’s a stuffed dog that has about $50,000 worth of coke shoved inside of it and Lindsay will simply drag that dog back to Camp Rehab. Anyway, Lindsay continues her nation-wide victory tour of rehab facilities and goes for a hike. As a […]

Lindsay’s Utah Rehab Rocks!!

I was jealous when Lindsay No Pants was at Promises Rehab because that place just looked awesome. Even when Lindsay was at Wonderland Rehab I was jealous because it seemed like a really nice hotel and I could certainly use some rest and relaxation. Once again I am very jealous of the rehab that Lindsay […]

Tanning Helps You Beat Addiction

According to my close friends at TMZ.com (they don’t know me) have some of the first pictures of Lindsay No Pants in sunny Utah and just taking a short break from rehab. I know that if I were to take a break from rehab (which I would never do…I mean even beginning attending rehab) my […]

Celebrity Skanked Out F’d Up Report Card

A spin-off from everyones favorite game, “The ImBringingBloggingBack Celebrity Cameltoe Rating System…to the Stars” I am proud to present a new game called, “The ImBringingBloggingBack Celebrity Skanked Out F’d Up Report Card…to the Stars!” Current messed up celebrities have been chosen, categories have been determined, and hot dog clipart has been discovered. Mix all of […]

I’m Hunting Lohan’s

Sadly, I may have to temporarily stop hunting Olsen Sluts. What? I said temporarily. As I typically don’t report on things that people tell me and only comment on other peoples stories I figure it’s year 2 of ImBringingBloggingBack (or Y2IBBB for short) so why not step it up a notch. Everyone seems to be […]