These are the Best Christmas Songs of All Time According to Google

When is it officially too early to start cranking out the Christmas tunes?  Whether you think it’s pre-Thanksgiving or post, one debate that’ll never end is what are the best Christmas songs of all time?  Well according to the powers to be at “The Google” they’re now letting us know exactly what those are based on […]

The 14 Most Ridiculous Knock-Off Halloween Costumes on the Interwebs Right Now

It’s that time of year when you see all of your favorite celeb-inspired Halloween costumes…and then there’s the costume where no one really has the rights to so, well, they just get creative.  Enjoy our listing of the top 14 knockoff Halloween costumes you’ll apparently still be seeing on the streets this spooktacular season. 1.  Purple […]

The 8 Best Men’s Shaving Kits For Home or Travel

You know what we hate the most in life?  Shaving.  There, we said it.  However, we all have to do it so you might as well do it right.  If you have the kind of beard that won’t really ‘take’ to an electric razor you may want to go old-school.  There’s something about a traditional […]

The Best Christmas Cookie Recipes I’m Sure I Can’t Easily Make

Are you ready to eat your body weight in Christmas cookies?  Good, so are we.  If you’re not the Martha Stewart of your friends, but still want to take a crack at making something that isn’t store bought (not that there’s anything wrong with that), these are the cookies for you. We won’t lie, you […]

The 9 Best Homemade Christmas Cupcake Recipes

If you’re like us, any time you have to head out to a holiday party and need to bring a dessert, you just buy it.  For us, cupcakes are always our go-to.  We order 2 dozen and then eat 6 ourselves and wrap the rest in a festive bow because, well, that’s how we roll.  However, there’s […]

Luxury Overload: 9 Unusually Expensive Christmas Gift Ideas

What do you get that special someone that has everything?  How about some super expensive gifts that’ll most likely send you into credit card debt, but well worth it.  With Christmas approaching we’ve rounded up some of the most unique (read: uniquely expensive) Christmas gifts for the 2018 shopping season.  From over the top earrings that […]

Christmas 2016: This Star Wars Christmas Lights Show Is Everything

If you love over the top (read: insane) neighbors who decorate their homes for Christmas within an inch of their lives, you’re going to love this video of a family in Tracy, CA who literally lit up their house with Christmas lights and timed it to perfection with the theme music from Star Wars.  I guess […]

The Geekiest (read: Awesome) Christmas Decoration Ideas in 2016

It’s that time of year when you can decorate your home for Christmas and increase your electric bill by 407% all at the same time. Ahhh the holidays.  So peaceful.  If felt, ribbons, giant bows, glitter, pinecones, and Christmas throw blankets aren’t your thing, we hear you!  If LEGO, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones is […]

QUIZ: Which Teen Mom Dad is Yours?

Just in time for Father’s Day (this Sunday!), now you can find out exactly which Teen Mom dad is yours.  Please note this is not a legally biding quiz.  However, based on the results you may want to send your new daddy a little something. Which Teen Mom dad did you get?  Let me know […]

Take the Quiz: Which Catfish Trash-Bag Are You?

So you know how every website is Buzzfeed now?  Well now so is IBBB!  Selling out never felt so good, although it is a bit gassy.  Either way, what better way to spend your Friday than finding out exactly which trash-bag-character you are from Catfish.  And since I created this quiz for you, you know […]

That Time the Cops Shut Down a Restaurant for Serving Human Heads

You know how sometimes your favorite restaurant gets shut down due to money troubles or, you know, a rat problem?  Well if you’re reading this here blog from Nigeria you’re probably crying into your email spam account because according the cracker-jack reporting over at The Mirror a restaurant was shut down due to illegally serving […]

Bruce Jenner is Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Bruce Jenner is officially the best thing that ever happened to the Kardashian’s since OJ Simpson kinda almost sorta killed those two people.  Our pal, Bruce, was spotted yesterday out and about with Beyonce’s Ombre bob and is looking mighty fine, at that.  He sure is a grrrrrooooown woman.  He can do whatever he wants.  And […]

Couples Therapy Tweetcap: Farrah’s Secret May Be a Matter of National Security

  On a whim I decided to Live Tweet VH1’s Couple’s Therapy last night.  It’s really like a Make a Wish for all of you who request that I come to your house and watch bad reality television with you and, you know, comment aloud.  Since no one has sent me a plane ticket and […]

Teasers: Pick Up Lines Kim Kardashian May Be Into…

I mean, in that guys defense those were the same words used in 2 out of 3 of Kim Kardashian’s wedding vows.

Why My Facebook Spam-Whore Could Change My Life

Time and time again we’re all bombarded with Friend requests in that special “secondary folder” in our Facebook inbox. Sometimes even mail lives there.  So, I click that folder open in hopes that it’s someone writing to change my life by presenting me with my own television show because, well, I’m pretty sure that’s how […]

Your Weekly Bynes

This may be the best thing I’ve ever thought up.  Drop mic.  Feel free to Tweet it @AmandaBynes and @ibbb and @DunkinDonuts so that I can fulfill my ultimate life goal of being called ugly by her and, therefore, become a social media sensation.  It’s like Make-a-Wish, but without the sads. *Special thanks to Christine […]

And Amanda Bynes Keeps Chugging Along

If it’s one thing I can’t get enough of it’s Amanda Bynes.  She’s as American as apple cake and the the 4th of October.  To sum up, she’s all I’ve ever wanted and all I long for.  She’s just the right amount of crazy to take this here site to new levels…insane levels…levels that could […]

Opposites Day: Happiness is Not Circumstance Dependent

Well look at us…here we are again. I was grateful a couple of weeks ago that so many of you took part in the new segment (Opposites Day) here at Camp IBBB. I wasn’t sure if anyone would really get it, but I was surely proven wrong. In trying to keep up with the weekly […]

My Crazy Obsession Recap: Adult Baby is Latin for “Previously Diddled”

I mean, it was only a matter of time before we got around to some adult who is obsessed with acting, dressing, and living like a baby.  What a sexy obsession.  Meet Stanley.  He’s supposedly 31 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 47.  I don’t think they mentioned, but if I had to […]

My Crazy Obsession: Sex Dolls Recap: Mayfee is Being a Wicked Bitch

It’s time for another crapisode of “My Crazy Obsession” or as I now like to call it, “Talking to Lifeless Objects 2:  Electric Boogaloo.”  Not for nothing, but I’ve decided I only want to watch television shows were grown adults care for lifeless objects, like myself.  This time around we’re leaving the United States because, […]