The 57 Birthday Gifts Perfect For Your Boyfriend or Husband

Choosing a gift for him this year has never been easier.  Ok, it’s tough.  But we’ve selected some of the best gift ideas for all the men in your life! Stumped on when to gift the men for their birthday?  You’re not alone.  If the guy you know has everything it just might be time for […]

26 of Home Depot’s Hottest Coupon Codes and Sales Happening in May 2018

Looking to save a little money on your next Home Depot home improvement project? Check out these must-try promo codes and read on! How come every time we watch anything on HGTV we’re ready to knock down a wall, slap up some shiplap, or build a front porch?  You know, on a whim.  Either way, when […]

16 Mind Blowing Jet Promo Codes and Sweet Coupons in May 2018

As if Jet can’t get any better, we found some major sales and some must-use promo codes this month. If you haven’t been shopping Jet, you’ve just plain old been shopping online the wrong way.  First off, their prices are pretty killer.  From what we’ve seen they typically match Amazon’s prices (not in all cases, […]

The 46 Best Scenes From Teen Mom You Might Have Totally Forgotten About!

We all love Teen Mom.  ALL OF US.  There, I said it.  While we’ll never be able to capture all of the scenes that made us laugh, squirm, and want to deny our citizenship, we have scoured the blessed Internet to find some of our favorite Teen Mom scenes of all time, some scenes we almost […]

10 Lightweight Espadrilles Men Will Be Sporting This Summer

Your feet deserve a break this summer.  Here’s how to sport that espadrille look you’ve been eyeing since last year. We’re going to blow your mind when we say this, but guys can actually own multiples pairs of shoes.  We know.  And, to top it off, they can even have different ones for different times of […]

The 17 Best Shirts to Show Your 4th of July Love for America

Because, uh, ‘merica! How awesome is the 4th of July?  Imagine if we celebrated in the winter?  That would suck.  What doesn’t suck is all the great things that symbolize America’s most patriotic day of the year (beside Amazon Prime Day because, well, sales).  The Fourth of July is really that one perfect day in the […]

The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Right Around the Corner

Because next to Christmas, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the most wonderful time of the year. Next to Amazon Prime Day, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the best ways to save insane money on some of your favorite things in the world of beauty, fashion (for women and men), home decór, all kinds of […]

The 20 Best Looking Jeans for Men to Buy This Summer

Looking for the coolest jeans that totally fit your body the right way? Shop our favorite jeans for guys this season. It’s time to raise those old baggy jeans to the rafters and retire them once and for all!  There are a ton of denim options out there for guys and, to be honest, it’s hard […]

12 Must-See Urban Outfitters Promo Sales in May 2018

Let’s face it, Urban Outfitters has everything we need to rebuild our lives.  Here’s how to save some money with killer promo codes when shopping online this month. Urban Outfitter is our go-to when it comes to finding the coolest graphic t-shirts, the most fun drinking games to play with our friends, chicest home decór, […]

28 Best Perfume and Fragrances Women are Obsessing Over This Summer

Because these perfumes are total fire this summer! It’s officially that time of year to switch up your go-to fragrance and try out a new and exciting perfume that will totally welcome in the season.  There’s nothing we love better than freshening up our spring-into-summer scents. This season it’s all about airy, breezy, and calming […]

The 14 Macy’s Promo Codes and Sales Saving Us Cash All Throughout May 2018

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17 Ways to Gift Your Kids Favorite Teachers this School Year

Because teachers are, literally, dealing with your kids all the live-long-day and deserve a gift.  And a raise.  So at least give them a gift. Who has a more important job than a teacher?  Each day you send your kids to school in hopes they’ll learn something and become a productive member of society.  Oh […]

Nurses Week: 19 Clever Gifts For the Special Nurse in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for one of the most important professions in the world? We’re talking about nurses, of course!   It seems like nurses have one of the most important jobs in the world and usually get half the credit they deserve!  This time of year is perfect to let that special nurse […]

9 Ways to Save at Warby Parker With and Without Coupon Codes in May 2018

Because we’re all obsessed with their glasses and we still want to save some money on our glasses.  Here’s how! You can never have enough pairs of glasses in your life.  They help frame your face and are a great way to spark a little style- personality to your every day life.  We love all […]

The 16 Best J. Crew (and Factory) Promo Codes We’re Grateful For in May

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11 Active Expedia Promo & Coupon Codes For May 2018!

The Ultimate Expedia Promo Code & Coupons List For May 2018: Even More Expedia Coupons & Sales in May: More Promo Codes for May 2018: So What’s the Deal with Expedia Coupon Codes Anyway?! If you have to book a trip you know just how expensive it can be.  We’ve had to scour the entire […]

9 True Best Friends Shirts for the Real BFF in Your Life

You and your best friend have been through it all and, well, that’s why they’re your total BFF.  Shop some cool shirts for best friends only they would appreciate. What can you really say about your best friend that hasn’t already been said or, you know, the courts will allow you to say publicly? They’ve been […]

The 23 Best Colognes to Help Him Smell His Best This Summer

We change up our cologne almost as much as we change up our wardrobe (read:  seasonally).  You want to make sure your scent leaves a mark on everyone around you…without being too overpowering. Cologne really has come a long way over the years and there are so many options based on your favorite scents, your personality, […]

9 Ways for Men to Rock White Jeans & Pants This Summer

Because it’s finally summer and you’re ready to rock that white jeans look.  Here’s a bunch of options and how to put it all together. There’s something about white jeans that just makes us feel so much more relaxed.  It also makes us want to drink rosé or giant beers with a watermelon slice on […]

The 8 Men’s Floral Shirts That are Giving Us Total Hawaiian Vibes This Summer

Because it’s officially that time of year where you can rock your favorite Hawaiian shirt.  Here’s some killer floral options to add to your short-sleeve stockpile this summer. We’re so psyched that big print Hawaiian shirts are making a comeback again this year.  Truth be told, we went all-in last year in hopes the trend would […]