Lagina Creek Part 4??

Sometimes Santa doesn’t answer my letters and sometimes he does. Sometimes that fat bastard even eats my cookies and drinks my milk. Fat ass. Anyway, an avid IBBB reader and super secret super spy has passed a little information my way. Now this source is a drunken skank, but still I trust skanks, usually. Rumor […]

Remember Kristin from Laguna Beach?

Hey, remember Kristin from Laguna Beach (sign of the cross)? Yeah, well she’s alive. Yeah, no she really is. Here are the photos to prove it! Kristin Cavallari played “Kristin Cavallari” on Laguna Beach (sign of the cross) and is now attending a fashion show because, I assume, that’s what you do when you exit […]

Jason Wahler Hearts Guns

Even though “The Hills” is on a break until Season 3 starts up at some point in the summer, it’s like every week there is a new “The Hills” story to choose from. This one is great. Apparently, Jason Wahler and some buddies were drinking vodka and playing a friendly little game of Russian Roulette. […]

Jason Wahler Arrested Again, Again

Woo-hoo! Just because MTV’s The Hill’s is over for the season doesn’t mean that we won’t be hearing about what is going on with the extended cast. Jason Wahler decided to trump Jessica’s recent arrest with getting arrested, again. Jason was arrested over the weekend (4th time in 9-months) for criminal trespassing and assault. I […]

Jessica From Laguna Beach Arrested

Seriously, Jessica will still do whatever it takes to get with Jason from Laguna Beach. This time, she’s mimicked his arrest when she was busted on suspicion of felony driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Allegedly, Jessica crashed into an Acura on the Santa Ana Freeway and caused “great bodily injury” to people […]

MTVs Kristen Cavallari Thinks I’m Dumb

…well she may be right. Yeah, I’m kinda dumb. Anyway, Kristen Cavallari of MTVs Laguna Beach was recently in GQ and, of course, the interview headed in the direction of asking all about Laguna Beach. Sweet! It’s not like the reruns are enough anyway. Before I even get into the interview portion I want to […]

MTV Family News: Jason Wahler Arrested Again; Less Known Laguna Beach Cast Members Jealous

Jason Wahler of MTV’s Laguna Beach and several episodes of MTV’s The Hills was tossed in the slammer after he was caught drinking at a bar in North Carolina underage. The bar where the sting operation took place was called “Rumors” and poor Jason could not show the proper identification when police had requested it. […]

Laguna Beach 3, RIP

R.I.P Season 3, R.I.P. It’s graduation day for some of the kids of Laguna Beach and you know what that means! There are only a few more times that Cami can show her boobs. How sad. In the first 10 minutes alone Cami’s boobs were falling out of her tennis shirt. Later at graduation, Cami […]

Laguna Beach Makes Me Dumb

Yeah! 1 hour of Laguna Beach kills 25% of my braincells. It’s prom season for the gang of Laguna Beach, which means that all the guys must find new and inventive ways to ask the girls to the prom. Let’s see we have: Burying yourself in sand and putting a gift box over your head […]

Laguna Beach Gossip: I Heart Cami

Time for the obligatory, “I’m getting too old for this crap.” Well folks we are officially halfway through the season of Laguna Beach. How do I know this you ask? Well it’s Spring Break, baby! That’s right, just like the other 2 seasons, Spring Break is always and only in Cabo. Aren’t these kids supposed […]

Laguna Beach Gossip Hurts

As always, I must start this post by saying that I’m getting too old for this crap. However, like a choreographed train-wreck, I must watch. Seriously, Laguna Beach is completely bizzaro world. Cameron and crew are playing bocci ball on the beach. Yup, on it. In the sand. Really? Yeah really. Rocky’s ex and his […]

A Laguna Beach Coke Whore?

Uh-oh! And what do we have here? The rumors are flying that Nikki from Laguna Beach likes to dabble in a little coke. I mean this really could be anything. Anthrax even! You may recall that Nikki is the sister of Tyler who is now the ex-boyfriend of Kyndra. I remember the episode where Nikki […]

Laguna Beach Gossip, Recap, and Headache

Thank God for Jessica! Seriously, she is a carbon-copy of last season. She picks random fights with Cameron. She is literally fighting with girl 2 years younger than her. She is crazy. I love her.Meanwhile, Tessa finally gets to go out on a date and isn’t forced to stay shackled up at Rocky’s house baking […]