Stop Blaming Kelly Cutrone for Hiring Her Interns or I’m Pretty Sure She’ll Shank You

Do not, and I repeat do not, even think about sending Blessed Mother Kelly Cutrone any form of hate mail blaming her for hiring the interns that she yelled at in this weeks episode of “Kell on Earth.”  Beyond loving most things about Kiki Cutrone, one of the best things about her is that she […]

Kell on Earth Recap: If You Have to Cry, Go Outside. I’m Heading Outside.

Oh where to begin.  Did I watch Kell on Earth?  Sure.  Did Kelly Cutrone make me laugh every now and then.  You know it.  Should I stop typing these sentences where I’m asking questions?  Probably.  However, I must admit that I was a little disappointed in the first episode.  And by that I really mean […]

Can’t “Kell on Earth” Just Start Already?!

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been talking about Kell on Earth for 2 decades or if it’s just my unhealthy obsession with all thing Kiko Cutrone, but why can’t the show just start already?!  Bravo (who also won’t hire me) has posted another 2 minute teaser which is filled with lots of F-bombs, […]

“Kell on Earth” Commercial Preview Video. Grab Your Popcorn and Privates Because Kelly Is In Charge!

Did I mention that my future boss, Kelly Cutrone, has her own show coming out called “Kell on Earth?”  Oh, I did?  Oh. Well here’s a nice sneak peek of you can may be able to expect from the show that airs on Feb 1st.  I’m glad that it’s starting in February as this increases […]

Cartoon Cutrone: IBBB's Animated Daydream With Kelly Cutrone

For me, this is my own personal “Kell on Earth.”  See how fun I would be if I were part of the show!   THE END! Thoughts?  Besides me being clinically insane….more cartoons or less? Facebook Me, It’s all The Rage.  Click Here!

So is Kelly Cutrone on a Meth Binge?

  I may have mentioned once or thrice that not only do I want to knock over a 7-11 with Kelly Cutrone, but I also want to mug an albino midget with turrets with her and spoon until the cows come home.  Normal?  Sure.  Anycrap, I found this gem of a clip of Kelly Cutrone […]

Kell on Earth. Can't Top That. Just Can't.

And on the 7th day, God rested.  And then on the 8th day, He woke up and created Kelly Cutrone.  I bet you guys didn’t know that whole “8th day” thing was in part two of the Bible, which I believe was called, “The Bible Part II: Electric Boogaloo.”  Anywednesdayadamslookalike, my prayers have been answered […]