Audrina and Justin Bobby Still Strong

North America’s favorite couple (sorry South America) Audrina “Teef” Patridge and Justin “JBob” Bobby were all weird stares and bright teeth while they headed into the 5-year anniversary party of Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant “Dolce.” While these two wild, crazy, and scripted kids were photographed together, while inside the dinner fiesta it has been said that […]

In Justin Bobby Haircut News…

If Audrina is going to smile big, her teeth are going to act like a lighthouse to the paprazzi whilst trying to hide. I said about 2-months ago that Justin Bobby looks like he got a haircut and I legit got hate mail because of that. That’s no a joke. I mean, it technically makes […]

Audrina Has a New Justin Bobby

Audrina “The Tooth” from The Hills has officially replaced her old Justin Bobby with a brand new Justin Bobby. However, one thing has remained the same with good old Audy. Teeth. It looks as she’s doing her best to not blind her new Justin Bobby by barely smiling and it’s probably no coincidence that he’s […]

Audrina & Justin Bobby Break Up. Thanks

Uh, are the kids still saying “dunzo?” Well if so, Audrina and Justin Bobby are dunzo. Great, thanks for nothing, Audrina. Say adios to hair and teeth because, more than likely, you’ll never see these two together again. Oh and, for sure, we will never see Justin Bobby again. Audrina was finally no longer blinded […]

Nobody Puts Justin Bobby in the Corner!

I don’t want to sound like I’m overselling or hyping this up to much, but….JUSTIN BOBBY FROM “THE HILLS” IS A LIVING LEGEND, AN INTERNATIONAL ICON, and a NATIONAL TREASURE. That’s hard for me to say as, I too, am also all three of these things and seldom like to share the spotlight. I don’t […]

Justin Bobby: Justin Brescia? Male Model?

Da-da-duuuuuun! The mystery of Justin Bobby from “The Hills” has finally be solved. I’ve received a crap load of emails asking me to find out who, in fact, Justin Bobby was, what is Justin Bobby’s last name, what Justin Bobby does for work, and is Justin Bobby really a male model? I didn’t answer any […]