Jennifer Aniston Mastered the “Sitting” Pose

So I came across (not literally) Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Russian Shape Magazine (random I know) and realized that I’ve seen Aniston in a similar pose many times before.  She really mastered the “sitting” pose and the “play with strand of hair” pose and, of course, the ever popular “hunch over a little” […]

Are the “Friends” Really Friends?

When I was in first grade my nun was 41.  You wanna know who  my first grade nun didn’t look like?  Answer: Jennifer Aniston.  I’m not quite sure why she’s hiding her Mexican jumping beans with that bikini top but, eh, to each is own.  Or is it “to each his own?”  Semantics.  Jennifer Aniston […]

I'd Have Some Questions for Jennifer Aniston…and I Think You Know What They Are

  Jenny Aniston (she let’s me call her “Jenny” she just doesn’t know it) was out and about in NYC yesterday while shooting scenes for an upcoming film called, “Why Was Gunther Even on ‘Friends?’”  I kid, of course.  I have no idea what movie she’s shooting, but one thing is for sure…she will, yet […]

Aniston Apparently Blurts Out Statements

Jennifer Aniston said “I will never remarry”……to which the barista replied, “Grande Caramel Macchiato, no whip, for Jennifer.”

The Oscars are Finally Over! Here's What I Won't Miss….

Praise Jesus Claus, the Oscars are finally over!  That means, I believe, that the 6-month long award season is finally over as well.  I couldn’t be more psyched.  To me, award season is like watching the news for 14 hours straight during the years first snow storm.  They cover the absolute piss out of it […]

Crap! Aniston Sees Us!

First of all, let me just say that me gusta Jennifer Aniston. Also, me gusta Churros y Chocolate. A lot of people give me crap for liking Jennifer Aniston and you wanna know what I tell those people? I tell them that their mothers are whores. That typically quites them down. Anyfriends, Jen (that’s what […]

Are the Friends Really Friends?

Why couldn’t I have been at the “Propr” clothing launch in NYC this week with Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, suckers!? It would have been my best shot at following them around the whole night yelling, “Are the Friends really friends?” along with my other personal favorite, “Is there going to be a Friends reunion.” […]

I Don’t Care What Every Single Person in America Says. Jennifer Aniston is NOT Going to Die Alone.

Jennifer Aniston was looking all hot and junk whilst walking her fine ass all around New York City over the weekend. Figures, she was out in public while I wasn’t there. That’s so how mine and Jen’s relationship is. People say that Jennifer Aniston is going to die alone and I don’t agree. I’ll totally […]

Some Lady Tries to Block Jennifer Aniston’s Upper Waist?

Wow. Who’s this chick with the bag? Is she Jennifer Aniston’s assistant? Friend? On call Debbie Downer? Either way someone needs to tell her that if she’s trying to prevent photographers from getting pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s face she’s gonna need to move her bag about 3 feet north of where it currently is. Perhaps […]

Not Really a Jennifer Aniston Story

Jennifer Aniston was caught at London’s Heathrow airport yesterday and didn’t look too psyched that her picture was being taken….although her left boob did as it is technically smiling for the camera. Look close. Ok, so there isn’t really a good Jennifer Aniston story with this picture, but it’s a great segway for me to […]

Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

See what I did there with that title? You thought this was Jennifer Aniston’s actual wedding. Well you just got IBBB Punk’d. Take that Kutcher! Anyway, devoted IBBB reader, Kelly (aka Irish Stacey), was kind enough to send one of her friends out into a fake snowstorm in Philadelphia just the other day to snap […]

When Jennifer Aniston’s In a Bikini, People Touch Themselves

Finally scientific proof that when Jennifer Aniston is in a bikini people just spontaneously start touching themselves (see above photo with pervy perverson). Jennifer Aniston was at a Miami hotel getting some sun and obviously she doesn’t mind mixing in with the common folk. Now that I know this I will certainly up my stalking […]

2 Questions for Jennifer Aniston’s Ass

I have 2 questions for Jennifer Aniston’s ass. (1) Are the “Friends” really friends? (2) Will there be a Friends reunion? I think those are two great questions to ask anyones ass, let alone Jennifer Aniston’s. Jenny Jen (as I call her with her knowing it) was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the […]

Aniston, Oprah, Oprah, Aniston

My ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, has recently stated in Harper’s Bazaar that if she could be anyone for just one day, it would be Oprah. I personally would love to hear her Oprah impersonation myself. Although, I’m sure Jennifer Aniston’s impersonation of Oprah would basically just be Jennifer Aniston playing “Rachael Green” just like she does […]

Jennifer Aniston’s New Nose Kinda Looks Like Her Old Nose, No?

So either Jennifer Aniston did get a nose job and it wasn’t money well spent or she just didn’t get a nose job. To me, her nose looks the same. Jennifer was at the 22nd Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival Awards when these photos were snapped. I never thought her nose looked bad before […]

Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Have Tears

Ok, well that’s a bit of a stretch, but when David Arquette was on Howard Stern yesterday he did mention that he never saw Jennifer shed one tear over Brad, no one knew about the “Angelina thing,” and David only has sex with Courtney Cox. Go figure!?! Here are some additional snippets from a recap […]

Friends Reunion, My Ass!

You knew it was only a matter of time that with the new Courtney Cox drama on FX, “Dirt” premiering next month that the question would start to be thrown around again. Will there be a “Friends” reunion special? Courtney recently sat down with school girl, Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, to talk about “Dirt” […]

How to Make Jennifer Anison Look Better?

…just strategically place this crazy looking lady directly in front of Jennifer and, presto-chango, you have a younger, prettier, and skinnier looking Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer will be playing the lead role in future movie, “Counter Clockwise” and will also be one of the producers. I wonder what role she’ll be playing? I thought she just […]

Jennifer Aniston to Oprah: Uh-Uh, Girl!

Oprah was all, “Girl, are you single?” and Jennifer Aniston was all, “Uh-uh girl!” The audience then went nuts and Oprah topped it off by screaming, “Everybody gets a car! You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car. Everybody gets a car!” Ok, so that isn’t exactly how it […]

Aniston + Vaugn = Adios!

Us Weekly is on a breakup streak over the past 24 hours. Apparently Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaugn have decided to end their relationship. Wouldn’t this technically just be the rebound relationship anyway? According to some random source they finished their relationship in a long phone conversation. I hope they didn’t use up all their […]