The Best (and Most Ridiculous) Harriet Carter Products of All Time!

We couldn't love the Harriet Carter catalog any more than we do. Check out our favorite white-trash products over the past 8 years!

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Harriet Carter Called Death For You!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! Just when you think the Harriet Carter Crapalog starts to run out of items, I discover more crap that can be sold. Good for Harriet. From exercise, to death, to the phone, Harriet Carter has you covered and if you have $10.00 to spare, you can afford all four of these […]

The Harriet Carter Crapalog

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! I’m still trying to make it into the Harriet Carter Crapalog, but nothing to report yet. This week Harriet covers some food, a horse, and an old lady. Pervert. Let’s go! Product # 1 – Do your kids ever yell to you, “Hey Mom? What disgusting time is it?” You, of […]

Harriet Carter: The One With the Repeat

Blogs are a funny thing. You feel like you have this set audience, but every day new people discover your site for the very first time. The most common question I get this time of the week is “What is Harriet Carter!?!” I forget that if you’re new to the site you don’t understand where […]

Wednesday’s With Harriet Carter

Similar to “Tuesday’s With Maury,” I prefer to spend my Wednesday’s with Harriet Carter. It is, of course, Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday at IBBB where I take a quick look through the crapalog of Harriet Carter products and spot myself a crappy bargain to talk about. Let’s roll… Product # 1 – In typical Harriet […]

Harriet Carter Makes Dying Super Easy

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! It is always quite surprising the amount of emails I get about my Harriet Carter product highlights. This time I got an anonymous tip that Harriet Carter also sells a “Do-It-Yourself Living Will Kit.” How could I have missed something like this? I hate when the tips are “anonymous.” Oh well…let’s […]

Harriet Carter: If Harriet Calls Hang Up

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! To me the Harriet Carter Crapalog is like a “Where’s Waldo” book. You always notice something new each time you look at it. I have no idea how I’ve missed some of these gems! Let’s go! Product # 1 – Ring Ring! I’m sorry, I mean Fart Fart! Have you ever […]

Harriet Carter Loves “Animal Everything!”

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! As new people are making their way to ImBringingBloggingBack on a regular basis I still get the question of “What is Harriet Carter?” So, let’s quickly recap. The Harriet Carter catalog has been around since 1958 and sells the most tacky crap ever. This catalog would somehow mysteriously end up at […]

Be My Valentine Harriet Carter!

Are you kidding? You know how psyched I was when I realized that Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday would take place directly on Valentine’s Day! So, therefore, Harriet Carter is officially my Valentine, but she can be yours too! Let’s go! Product # 1 (repeat) So what does Harriet have up her sleeve for this Valentine’s […]

The Harriet Carter Catalog is the Bible

Some people become Scientologists. I’m going to become a Carterologist or a Harriatholic. So happy Harriet Carter Wednesday, as always. This one is a little bitter sweet for me as this will be my last post of the week (insert sad music they play during the last 4 minutes of Full House). I will be […]

Saint Harriet Carter Wednesday

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday all you sick-son-of-a-bitches! Let’s face it, every day is really Harriet Carter Wednesday! I also want you to know that I have a new goal. Sure I want to guest-host The Soup on E!, and write for The Family Guy, and do a little something with MTV, but I am adding […]

Harriet Carter: Nothing But Love

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! I must make a confession, I fear the day when there are no more products available in the Harriet Carter catalog for me to write about. Let’s hope that day never shows up in our lifetime. Today’s Harriet Carter segment has a little something for everyone…kids and adults, clearly. Let’s go! […]

Harriet Carter Covers Your Ass, Boobs, Back, and Shoulders With a Little Prayer

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday y’all! Ok, I tried “y’all” and didn’t like it. I’m not going to use it anymore. Today will be the “Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday Express Edition.” I’m heading to the airport soon so this is going to be a quick one. Product # 1 – Harriet Covers Your Ass: Hey Polly […]

Harriet Carter of Yesteryear and Today!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday all of you sick son-of-a-bitches! I got a ton of email last week from some people who loved my Harriet Carter posts, but weren’t 100% sure just who or what Harriet Carter was. So, let me give a quick refresh. Welcome to Harriet Carter 101. Harriet Carter was/is a retail catalog […]

Harriet Carter: New Year, New Crap

Seriously, I should just write about Harriet Carter products because it is the most popular of anything I write on this sad little blog. I get more emails about Harriet Carter than anything else, so thank you for that as I enjoy writing about these wonderful products. Also, thanks for all of the support with […]

Harriet Carter: The Video Montage Palooza

So it’s been a pretty slow news week with it being the holidays and all, but it is Harriet Carter Wednesday, so I figured what better way to celebrate the last Harriet Carter Wednesday of 2006 than a bit of a video montage of some of her best products. I get literally hundreds of emails […]

A Very Special Harriet Carter Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner which means two things: (1) Little baby Jesus was born and (2) It’s the ImBringingBloggingBack: A Very Special Harriet Carter Christmas The Wednesday Before Christmas. Long title? Long laughs. Let’s take a look at special Harriet Carter Christmas crap and even some of her Christmas gifts. No joke, she […]

Mary Kate Olsen: Too Weak to Stand

Poor Mary Kate Olsen. And I mean “poor” in every sense of the word. Not only does she look she look “poor” as in homeless, but she also has some poor posture. See what happens when you don’t eat meat….or any morsel of food for that matter? At what point to do you look in […]

Harriet Carter, My Angel

How lucky you all are that you get 2 Harriet Carter posts in one week! Well, it is Harriet Carter Wednesday after all. Let’s call this one the “Express Harriet Carter.” Photo # 1 – Hey guys! Is your wife a loud-mouth bitch? I know! Does she just yap and yap during every game? Does […]

Why Harriet Carter You Little Tease!

I know, I know! You must be looking at your calendar and checking the date. No, it isn’t Harriet Carter Wednesday, but since I was MIA for most of last week and missed out on Harriet Carter, I decided to give you all a little Harriet Carter teaser. Also, since my brand new niece was […]

Harriet Carter and Harriet Carter

Wow the week goes by so fast! Time for a little Harriet Carter action! There are many things I learn from Harriet Carter. I learn about her love of horses, her cheap and tacky decorations, her need to always remind you about death, and much much more. This time, we tackle many variations of her […]