The Best (and Most Ridiculous) Harriet Carter Products of All Time!

We couldn't love the Harriet Carter catalog any more than we do. Check out our favorite white-trash products over the past 8 years!

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Harriet Carter: The One With the Repeat

It’s the summer. There are repeats on TV, so there can be repeats here. Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday: The One With the Repeat. It was funny before. It is funny again! Let’s go! Product # 1 – As we all know by now, Harriet Carter loves death. She loves it. Now you can buy your […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday is a Hoot!

Ah Harriet Carter Wednesday’s. What would we do without them? Harriet has been with us in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Harriet is our wife, our wife who burnt the roast and then had to explain to her co-workers the next day why her arm was in a sling. Damn […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: For the Kids

Harriet Carter Wednesday’s are making Wednesday’s better one Wednesday at a time. Huh? This week Harriet is trying to sell crap to our kids, then punish them, scare your neighbors, thank Jesus and take out the white-trash. Let’s face it, that really sums up this weeks products. Let’s go…. Product # 1 – Are you […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: Lindsay Free!

This weeks Harriet Carter Wednesday is proudly sponsored by Goya! Ole! Ok, it’s not. Happy HCW (as the kids are now calling it) and I’m proud to say that this weeks HCW is 100% Lindsay free. That means that it’s good for you! So what could Harriet be selling us this week? Let’s go… Product […]

Harriet Carter is Getting Purdy

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! Harriet’s changing the way you experience your hump-day one white-trash product at a time. Where were you when you first discovered Harriet Carter? Let’s go… Product # 1 – Now where did this little gem come from? Not the product…the girl. I guarantee this is Harriet’s grand-daughter. I don’t know how […]

Harriet Carter and Harriet Carter

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday one and all…and none. This week as we dive into what Harriet is pushing us to buy we notice one major theme: Harriet likes to keep people ugly. Let’s go… Product # 1 – Ladies, are you sick and tired of having sex? Have you tried everything to keep the men […]

Harriet Carter 4th of July!

I love it when Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday coincides with a major holiday. Today, Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday turns into Happy Harriet Carter 4th of July! For those of you in other countries that read this, the “4th of July” is a US holiday in which we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead on the […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: The Stalker

First off, Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday. Second, this weeks Harriet Carter post will be a bit different. Why you ask? Because I’ve officially found out exactly who “failure model chick” is. Now if you are new here today, don’t even bother reading this. If you are one of the many die-hard Harriet Carter Wednesday readers […]

Harriet Carter T-Shirts Palooza!!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! The weather is getting warmer so it’s time to start wearing some t-shirts, some stylish t-shirts and Harriet Carter certainly has you covered with hysterical (not funny) t-shirts. It’s always a challenge to try to choose funnier products each week so I thought about it and figured, let’s go back to […]

Harriet Carter and Failure Model Chick

You know what makes me feel better about global warming? Harriet Carter. Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! This week we take a look at some more useless products, begin to understand why other countries think Americans are lazy, and discover the return of “failure model chick.” Let’s face it, it’s really a win-win this week. Let’s […]

Harriet Carter, Oh, and Harriet Carter

Did you know it’s Harriet Carter Wednesday? Well, it is. So Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday. It is officially month 8 of my “I’m trying to get into the Harriet Carter crapalog” and I still have no success to report. Maybe it’s because I call it a “crapalog?” Regardless. I will keep trying. Let’s take a […]

Harriet Carter Thursday??

No I haven’t gone crazy (well I have, but that’s another story) and I know that Harriet Carter is only for Wednesday’s, but I saw the absolute brilliance in the fact that I got a promotional email from Harriet Carter late last night…Wednesday. I thought it was fitting that Harriet would send out her emails […]

Harriet Carter Could Kill You?

I almost forgot that it was already Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday due having Memorial Day off. Luckily, since I think about Harriet each and every day, I remembered. This week Harriet provides products that can cut you, fall on you, help not blind you, and even surprise you. Let’s go! Product # 1 – Have […]

Harriet Carter Apparel: Wear It!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! You know, it really dawned on me that I never really tackled the beautiful clothes and “clothing accessories” that Harriet Carter sells in her brilliant crapalog. I mean, she has t-shirts that have the zaniest sayings on them that even after total stranger stop beating the piss out of you for […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: God Bless

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! Do you think Harriet read this? She should feel really loved knowing that there is a whole day dedicated to her. This time around Harriet has you covered while you eat, while you snack, and while you apparently sweat through your bra. Let’s go… Product # 1 – This is perhaps […]

Harriet Carter White Trash Wednesday!

Yeah Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! Or, this time I should call it Happy Harriet Carter White Trash Wednesday! The three products I will be reviewing are all white-trash related. Ok, so that’s just my opinion, but you know you agree too. Let’s roll! Product # 1 – How many times do you walk by the […]

Live From New York, It’s Harriet Carter!

Live from New York, it’s Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday (a day late)! Get it? Get my horrible joke? Yup, I’m in NYC baby! (yes that works when you say it even without “Vegas” in front of the “baby”) I am now officially a resident of NYC and what better way to kick things off then […]

A Summer Fling With Harriet Carter

What an awesome Harriet Carter Wednesday this is! Are you wondering why? Well that would be because Harriet has just officially released her summer crap! Thank God! As you’ll be able to see, Harriet is still into death, bad t-shirts, dangerous products, and little kids. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Kelley […]

Tricky Little Harriet Carter Wednesday

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday everybody! Harriet really came though again this week by covering the church, stupid criminals, and your common pervert peeping-Tom. It’s almost like the Harriet Carter crapalog catches fire as soon as you open it. Let’s go! Product # 1 – I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t want a whole book […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday Surprises

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! It seems like every Harriet Carter Wednesday I can an endless amount of email from people loving the “Harriet Carter” but having no idea what this is or why I started it. So nosy! Click Here to learn about how all of this crap got started. Harriet, clearly, has award winning […]