The Best (and Most Ridiculous) Harriet Carter Products of All Time!

We couldn't love the Harriet Carter catalog any more than we do. Check out our favorite white-trash products over the past 8 years!

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Harriet Carter Wednesday: Suck It

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! It amazes me how much white trash there really is out there in this world. And, well, it makes me feel special. This week Harriet keeps our filthy feet clean, our filthy house more filthy, our filthy head wet, and our filthy mother/daughter filthy whores. Understood? Let’s go! Product # 1 […]

Harriet Carter New Year New Crap

Happy First Harriet Carter Wednesday of 2008! It seems like just yesterday it was 2007. Well with a new year comes some new products from the Harriet Carter crapalog. If these few new products are any indication of what’s to come, it’s going to be a great Harriet Carter 2008. I’m definitely writing in her […]

Harriet Carter: Best of 2007!

Wow another craptastic year of Harriet Carter has come and gone and I’m still lawsuit free! I figured what better way to walk through the year of Harriet Carter then to choose my top 19 products of 2007. I could have had everyone vote, but lets face it – knowledge leads to power and I […]

Harriet Carter Ho Ho Holiday!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday and the Harriet Carter Christmas Bonanza 2007! Harriet really knows how to celebrate the holidays with not only selling us cheap crap Christmas decorations, but also suggests some real festive cheap crap gifts for our loved ones. Let’s see what Harriet is selling us this week! Product # 1 – Hey […]

Harriet Carter: Nice to Meat You!

Hap-hap-happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! Still no luck with getting myself in the Harriet Carter catalog, but I will find I way. I will find a way. This week Harriet gives us some meat money, a bratty kid, some evil wine, and a tribute to vanity smurf. There’s not many shopping days left before Christmas, but […]

Harriet Carter: Death, Diddle, Decorate

Happy Brand New Harriet Carter Wednesday! After last weeks repeat, it was time to dig into the Harriet Carter bag of tricks and see just exactly what she’s forcing down our throats this week. Enough of the chit-chat, let’s go! Product # 1 – Hey there pretty lady! Are you a teacher? Are you one […]

Harriet Carter: Christmas Preview Recap

Happy holidays from LA! I’ve arrived in LA and that means that I am jet lagged and in meetings all day….just like Jesus was on the day He was born! Anyway, since it technically is Harriet Carter Wednesday, I couldn’t just let the day pass. So let’s take a look back at a very special […]

Harriet Carter: The Dramatics

Hap-hap-happy Harriet Carter Wednesday boys and girls (and sluts and whores). My buddy Mike had an idea for me to add “email functionality” to my ghetto little blog so that people could easily email the Harriet Carter blog posts. Well, since my site is being redesigned and should be ready by the time Boston wins […]

Harriet Carter, My Everything

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! I think it’s nice that Harriet is changing the face of Wednesday’s one white-trash useless product at a time. Let’s take a look at what Harriet is selling us this week… Product # 1 – Hey there “too busy!” How are you today? When you’re on the go and in the […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday Spooktacular!

Trick-or-Crap! It’s Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday Halloween Spooktacular edition! While photos of Harriet Carter topless would be sure to frighten a child of any age, unfortunately I couldn’t find any. I’m still holding out for the Harriet Carter sex tape. Anyway, luckily Harriet Carter Wednesday just happened to fall on Halloween, which can only mean […]

Harriet Carter: Sexual Innuendos. Ow!!!

Bom-chica-bom-bom! Ow! Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday AND game 1 of the World Series (Go Sox!). I’ve always said that Harriet Carter was like hot sex on a plate, clearly, so what better way to get to know Harriet Carter than biblically. I present to you, “Harriet Carter: Sexual Innuendos.” Feel free to read this late […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: Viewers Choice

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! It’s such a special Harriet Carter Wednesday because I was provided an up-to-date photo of Harriet herself! Harriet, of course, if the strapping beast of woman just under the left hand (my left) of Jesus. That’s just where Harriet belongs, with my Jesus. MY Jesus. Thanks go to Vicky for tracking […]

Happy Harriet Carter 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Harriet Carter 1 Year Anniversary! I know. Imagine writing about Harriet Carter products for 1 full year without taking some pills to end my life. What a triumph! Although, I am still a little disappointed that 1 year later I am no closer to making into the Harriet Carter crapalog as a model. I […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: Ode to Death

I think it’s perfect that Britney technically had to hand over her kids on such a glorious day. Harriet Carter Wednesday! Are you having a happy one? There are MAJOR changes with Harriet Carter postings. Major! Ok, well just the format is changing a bit. Apparently having to scroll up and down to view the […]

Harriet Carter and the Little Bitch

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday you trash-bags! With the recent extra popularity of my ridiculous The Hills recaps, there have been more newbies visiting IBBB for the first time and have been exposed to Harriet Carter for the first time too. I heart when Harriet exposes herself. So to all you new IBBB fans (Johnny-Come-Lately’s) enjoy […]

Harriet Carter Confuses Children

There’s nothing that makes me happier than a productive Harriet Carter Wednesday…unless its when “Failure Model Chick” makes a guest appearance. What a treat because “Failure Model Chick” is back in action. This week, Harriet Carter is trying to sell us new hair, a killer reindeer, microwavable dogs, and Betty Boop for President. Let’s go…. […]

Harriet Carter’s Tackle Box

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! This week Senorita Skank, Harriet Carter, is selling us crap that will keep us warm, keep us in a loveless marriage, keep us guessing the meaning, and keep us reusing an old newspaper. Don’t be confused, it’s crap! Let’s go…. Product # 1 – Brrrr it’s cold and you need to […]

New Harriet Carter Crap, Yay!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday or as they’ve been calling it in China, “I’ll Hump You on Harriet Carter Wednesday!” I think that’s what the translation means. Anyway, I’m always happy when Harriet adds some new product crap to her catalog. I knew I was in trouble a few weeks ago when I decided to review […]

Harriet Carter Creepy Wednesday

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! This week Harriet tries to sell us some extra creepy crap and while “Failure Model Chick” hasn’t been in the Harriet Carter catalog, I’ve noticed someone new popping up. I am pleased to introduce you to “Creepy Old Man Model.” Let’s go! Product # 1 – Do you ever wish you […]

Harriet Carter: Pets and Cans

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! This week Harriet is covering her cans, her pets, and a little something special for her lap. Pervert. Let’s see what the Harriet Carter crapalog is forcing us to buy this week…. Product # 1 – Are you missing your legs AND your forehead? I know, me too. Well now you […]