The Best (and Most Ridiculous) Harriet Carter Products of All Time!

We couldn't love the Harriet Carter catalog any more than we do. Check out our favorite white-trash products over the past 8 years!

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Harriet Carter Wednesday: My Privates Need a Breeze

Feliz Harriet Carter Wednesday! That might mean Merry Harriet Carter Wednesday. One can’t be sure. I mean, I’m not a magician. Anycrap, this week Harriet cools down Mr Winky whilst I sleep, lets grandma know that her little granddaughter is pissed at her, and lights up your life with rabies. Let’s go!Product # 1 – […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: Your Sisters Snowman Stinks!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday to one and all! Well, not to all of you, but to some. Anylog, this week Harriet tries to explain how your douche-bag sister was made, provides us with a cartoon snowman to fake buy, and reminds us what we need to do when we smell bad things. Let’s go!Product # […]

A Harriet Carter Christmas Comes Early!

Happy HCW! Halloweenie may be a few short weeks away, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be force-fed Christmas stuff from the Harriet Carter crapalog. And “yes” I said Christmas. I’m not saying “holiday” and you can’t make me. Christmas is a time when Jesus Claus comes down the chimney, gives birth to his […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: How Do You Like Them Crap-Filled Apples?

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! With the economy in the crapper I’ve chosen three products that should get you through these difficult financial times. This week Harriet takes a dump on her autumn apples, gives us the gift of Bindi Sue Irwin, and sexes up your ghetto jewelry holder. Let’s go!Product # 1 – Mmmmm mmmmmm. […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: So This is What the 50’s Were Like?

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! This week will conclude IBBB’s look back at Harriet Carter of yesteryear. It’s been a real treat for me to see what white-trash crap was being sold in the 1950’s and, clearly, it was a real treat for you too since crickets were chirping in last weeks comments. Screw it, I […]

Harriet Carter: White Trash of Yesteryear

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday boys, girls, and transgender individuals who are built with both boobies and ding dong. Do I have a treat for you today! IBBB is proud to present to you the very first Harriet Carter crapalog that was ever created. Ever! Basically, what we have here is white-trash products of yesteryear. Horses […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: Fall Into New Crap!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday you crack whores! Oh, have you ALL read my Chelsea Handler Interview?? Ok, moving on. I’m as excited as an Olsen in heat because there are finally some new Harriet Carter products for me to review. And, with the products I’ve found this week it’s like Christmas morning. I wanted to […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: The Best of Failure Model Chick

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! Today boys, girls, boys with girl parts, and girls with boy parts do I have a treat for you! I figured since the Harriet Carter Crapalog is a little thin on white-trash products this week I’d come up with a Best of Failure Model Chick: Volume 1. Looking back at the […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday: Reason #4,562 Why Cats Should Be Flushed.

Happy Craptastic Harriet Carter Wednesday! This week Harriet helps you scoop up that pussy on your keyboard (layup joke), reminds you to clean your desk, 1950’s housewife, and dresses you up like the complete and utter asshole you really are. I mean, you really are. Really. Asshole. Let’s go!Product # 1 – Finally, a product […]

Harriet Carter and The Sex Strap

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday. Let’s get down to cheap white-trash business. This week Harriet tries to sell us products that keep us from having sexual times, tries to bring back slavery for the elderly, and continues to confuse the hell out of us with ridiculous t-shirts. Grab your junk and let’s go!Product # 1 – […]

Harriet Carter and the Talking Dog

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday and Happy Birthday to IBBB reader Paul. I mean, to celebrate your birthday on Harriet Carter Wednesday, well, it frankly doesn’t get any more white trash than that. Next year I’ll be celebrating my birthday on HCW and I’m so white trash I drink my water-downed Kool-Aid whilst humping my pet/girlfriend […]

Harriet Carter and the Soapy Musical Terrorist Party! Ole!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! 21 months of Harriet Carter product reviews and still lawsuit free! Let’s celebrate and by “celebrate” I really mean “read this crap.” This week Harriet helps to wash your dirty bits with money, makes your terrorist attack easier and sportier, and helps a little boy determine what he’ll be doing in […]

Harriet Carter Wednesday Presents: Harriet and the Gizzer.

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! I was thinking. What do you think they give out as gifts to the employees at the Harriet Carter Christmas party? I have 4 more months to work on getting an invite to that. Oh, and by the way, I believe the answer to that is “decorated corn husks.” This week […]

Harriet Carter: Lights for Your Balls?

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday, a special day in which all your white-trash dreams can and will come true. This week Harriet confuses God with mulch, puts her balls near your sons face, and reminds you just exactly where your lock as always been. Sounds action packed. Let’s go!Product # 1 – I love when Harriet […]

Harriet Carter Says, “Always Swallow”

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday you miserable blood-sucking rat bastards! Ole! On Harriet’s behalf (via a Ouija Board) she would like to make sure that you all had a wonderfully patriotic 4th of July. You know that whore was lighting fire-crackers up her old “hoo-ha” just to try and get the feeling back. One would assume. […]

Harriet Carter: Smile for the Deaf Bitch!

Harriet Carter Wednesday is a special day, mainly because I say it is. In this weeks installment, Harriet takes pictures that differ from the reality, helps some old lady bother everyone, and makes sure a little bitch gets her way. All in a weeks work! Let’s go! Product # 1 – Trying to get a […]

Harriet Carter and the Sex Mask

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! Time for another look at some wonderfully white-trashed up items that are sold in the Harriet Carter crapalog. You would think at this point that Harriet herself would be sending some products for me to review. Is she dead? If she is, will someone dig her up and ask her? This […]

Harriet Carter: No Legs? No Problem!

Me gusta las fiestas de las lapiz y mi nobmre es Harriet Carter en las piernas y el bano! Ay! Ay! Ay! I’m pretty sure that was Spanish for “Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday!” I’m trying to expand the audience reach and I hear the Spanish folk is a really blossoming demographic. Ugh. I hate when […]

Harriet Carter: Snotty Kids & Bad Teeth

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! It’s time to attack the kids again as well as poor people with bad hygiene because, let’s face it, that’s what this is all about. This week Harriet show some little bitch being a bitch, shows us how to smile, casts some more ugly kids in an ad, and classes up […]

Harriet Carter: It’s Like Deja Vu

This Harriet Carter post is like deja vu. This Harriet Carter post is like deja vu. That’s weird. Anyway, this Harriet Carter post is like deja vu. This week, Harriet cuts my meat with a fancy tool, gives her rack-attack wings, and makes sticking toothpicks into your junk a really fun time. Let’s go! Product […]