Let’s Start Up Some Good Old “Halle Berry is Pregnant” Rumors!

It’s been a while since people have been trying to claim that Halle Berry is pregnant again.  I’m pretty sure the focus has been on Mariah Carey being “with child” but I’d like to shift back over to Halle. As soon as I saw this photo of Halle leaving Bristol Farms supermarket in West Hollywood, […]

Halle Berry is Hot, This We Know. Let Us Not Forget That Halle Was Involved in 2 Hit and Run's. Still Hot Though.

Halle Berry is walking, ladies and gentlemen, Halle Berry is walking.  She’s using her legs and she’s walking.  This is new.  Actually, this is news?  Wow, that question-mark really works wonders for a sentence.  Anyway, Halle Berry was as quick as a ninja in heat as she make her way through New York City over […]

Daily Reminder: This is Someones Mother

IBBB would like to interrupt your day to remind you that this is someones mother.  This is Halle Berry.  She is a mother.  She has a baby.  She gave birth to a baby.  She is a mom.  See what I’m saying here?  No?  Let me expand.  Halle Berry is subtly giving a nice quiet message […]

Are You Kidding Me With This?

Esquire Magazine has named Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive for 2008. They totally hit the nail on the head with this. I mean, I do personally think they overlooked Terri Irwin and Darlene Montag, but Halle is a good third prize. Seriously me gusta Halle Berry grande tiempo. I think that means that “I […]

Halle Berry Carries Mr Brady’s Plans

I don’t know how Mr. Brady is going to get his plans if Halle Berry is putting them in her car and not passing them off to Greg and/or Jan at the amusement park. Oh well. I guess this just proves that Halle wouldn’t have made a good Brady. Although she is rocking the “Alice […]

Pretty People Do Pretty Things

You know how they say sometimes that “less than attractive” parents have beautiful children? I don’t know, I’ve heard that before. Well, do you think that really attractive parents will have ugly children? Personally, I think that’s the price they should be forced to pay (by law) for being so damn good looking. We’ll see […]

I’m Voting For Whoever Halle Berry’s Rack Tells Me to Vote For

Halle Berry clearly dropped all of her baby weight, stuffed her rack-attack into an Obama t-shirt and hauled her ass out for a little shopping in Century City yesterday. Whatever Halle’s boobs tells me to do I’m totally doing. Get caught robbing a store? Simply answer “Halle’s boobs made me do it” and the police […]

Me Gusta Halle Berry. Gracias.

Me gusta Halle Berry. I do me gusta. Halle Berry was shopping in Malibu the other day and being courteous enough to stop and sign some autographs, which got me to thinking. Why do people want autographs? Besides the people that sell them for profit, the idea of autographs is baffling to me. Is that […]

Halle Berry: Cameltoe in Training

Halle Berry was at the Revlon Walk/Run for Women in LA over the weekend doing good deeds, but that is all shadowed by these shots of Halle sporting a little pre-camel celebrity cameltoe. She is so close, yet so far away but I know that Halle is a strong woman and can do anything she […]

Oh, I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Don’t you wanna dance, say you wanna dance, don’t you wanna dance. And I’ll officially kill myself now. Halle Berry was out and about on Robertson Boulevard the other day buying some expensive crap for her unborn bastard child. Halle is rocking her brand new home perm inspired by, always entertaining, Whitney Houston. I say, […]

Halle Berry Thinks the Holocaust Didn’t Really Happen

It’s all fun and games until someone tosses out a racist or stereotypical remark. Halle Berry was on Jay Leno and was looking through some pictures of herself with distorted faces. When a picture showed up of Halle having a big nose, Halle replied, “Here’s where I look like my Jewish cousin!” Awesome! Gotta love […]

I Said Halle Berry Was Pregant 1 Year Ago!

Seriously I said that Halle Berry was pregnant over 1 year ago and see I was right! I mean that would technically make Halle Berry 15 months pregnant, but I still feel like I was right. Halle was chatting it up with Access Hollywood when she did confirm that she was knocked the hell up […]

Halle Berry Has a “Sass-Off” at CVS

Halle Berry can do no wrong in my book. I mean, sure, she had that whole hit-and-run incident a few years back and even thought of killing herself years ago too, but I love me some crazies and Halle fits the bill. Halle was at CVS in Malibu the other day and appears to be […]

Halle Berry Dresses Like Barney, I’m Totally Fine With It

I think it’s fine that Halle Berry dressed up like Barney for the premiere of “Perfect Stranger” in Mexico. I think her boobs peaking out of the top of the dress is the same as Barney’s tail peaking out of his costume too. And, I also think that it’s good for the kids to see. […]

Halle Berry Licks the Filthy Ground. Hot

It seems like just yesterday Halle Berry was telling the world she tried to take a “dirt nap” and now she’s getting her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Halle was awarded the 2,333rd star (that must make her feel special). Halle’s mom was there to witness this fiasco as well as […]

Halle Berry Tried to Kill Herself

Halle Berry recently told Parade Magazine that she tried to commit suicide, a.k.a take a dirt nap after her failed marriage to David Justice. See, now I would have assumed that Halle would have tried to off herself after the movie “CatWoman,” but nope, it was after a bad relationship. So, how was Halle going […]

Halle Berry Was Hot and Homeless

Halle Berry was recently spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Santa Monica with a teapot (really), but did you ever know that Halle at one point that’s all she really had? Halle Berry recently told Readers Digest that she was homeless at one point when she was first getting into acting because she ran out […]

It’s Business Casual Day for Halle Berry

I’m still fighting hard to not write about anything Britney, Anna, Paris, Nicole, or Poshtoria today. It’s tough. I won’t lie. There is so much train-wreck out there, but I need one day off from them. I made myself a deal that I would only break my promise if any of them got arrested today […]

Halle Berry Pulling a Claire Huckstable?

I don’t know, but all I’m saying is that in season five of The Cosby Show Claire Huckstable was pregnant in real life they always had her holding something on the show. Claire would be walking in the kitchen with a bag of groceries in front of her stomach or she would be sitting down […]


Seriously? Could Halle Berry be any hotter? I don’t think she could get any hotter. Do you think she likes me? I mean “likes me” likes me? If I wrote her a note and asked her would someone pass it to her in homeroom? She just needs to circle “yes” or “no” at the bottom […]