Dina Lohan Heads to Court, Does Her Best “Anna Nicole Going to Court” Impression

Well isn’t this like looking into an opposites crystal ball!  Blessed Mother Dina Lohan was all sass and no frass while heading into court yesterday to face Father Michael Lohan and try to get her some of that child support money because, you know, Linds aint payin’ da billz, yo!  Dinasaur Lohan is claiming that […]

Dance Dina, Dance!

Nothing cures a weekend hangover quite like catching up on a little Living Lohan. Please note, while watching Living Lohan do not induce vomiting. Call your doctor immediately. Ok so who saw it last night? In an episode that would rival a script from The Hills, Dina and crew are still in Las Vegas finishing […]

A Very Special Lohan New York City Party

My favorite Lohan, Dinasaur Lohan, is doing her damnedest to keep herself and her kids out of the spotlight. Ways in which she does this includes, but are not limited to, (1) starring in her own reality show in which all of her children (minus) Lindsay are featured and (2) making sure she hits the […]

Dina Lohan is Like a Broken Record. A Blond Broken Record. A Blond Broken Record Who Dresses Like a Teenager With Fake Hair.

Alright. I love me some Dinasaur Lohan. Clearly. But is there any chance she can stop saying the same crap over and over (and over) again about why she did her reality show? The Dinasaur and Ali (who is obviously pushing retirement age) were on the CBS Early Show, which apparently is still on the […]

Dina Lohan Blows Off Bravo A List Awards

While the Bravo A-List Awards dragged on last night I began to wonder why I was still there. Then I hear the announcer say, “Ladies and gentlemen, Dina and Ali Lohan!” I perk up and psyched and actually say the words out loud, “I F’n love Dina.” There I said it. I said it. I […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Magical Asthma!

Watch out behind you Lindsay! Freddie Kruger doesn’t care if you’re at the hospital due to asthma related symptoms….he’ll slash your freckly ass! Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Rotten had to stop by el hospital in NYC the other day and those zany paparazzi caught them in the act…of walking through the hospital door. Of course […]

That’s My Nana Lohan!

So time to confess. Who tuned in to watch “Living Lohan” last night? You know you did. So did I. While most people were ready to trash it, I was ready for it to be my summer filler until The Hills comes back in August. Here are my thoughts on what went down on the […]

Reasons I Like Dina and Ali Lohan

This picture speaks volumes. Luckily, my volume is on mute. Anyway, in case you’ve been living in a cave, Dina Lohan and Ali Lohan are technically conducting a major media shitstorm to promote the absolute piss out of their new reality show, which I believe is called “New Ways Stage Mothers Can Shorten a Child’s […]

When WE TV Has an Event, All the Stars Come Out

Ring the alarm! When WE TV has an event, all the a-listers come out to show their support. WE TV was hosting a panel discussion and having a screening for their new show that’s getting a ton of buzz called, “High School Confidential.” This reality/documentary has been filming for 4-years and followed the lives of […]

Dina Lohan’s Reality Show: Living Lohan

Set your TIVO at once! If you don’t have a TIVO, buy one and set it. If you have a TIVO buy a second one and attach it to a backup generator, as I will do, because Dina Lohan’s reality show is debuting this summer. At this time, the title of Dina’s show is “Living […]

Dina Compares Lindsay to Scarlett

I won’t lie I don’t like it when Dina Lohan quotes get past me. Like a stamp collector, I like to see and hear all Dina Lohan quotes and then place them in a sticker book because that’s what I assume stamp collectors do. Huh? Anyway, my biggest celebrity crush, Dina Lohan, was talking to […]

This Time Last Year: Dina Lohan

Memories, like the corners of my mind. I’d like to reintroduce a new little segment called “This Time Last Year.” This Time Last Year will take a brief look at what was going on in the celebrity world…this time last year (go figure). Oh, and also I’m lazy so this is pretty easy to do […]

A Couple of Lohans

Let’s face it America (and East Germany) Lindsay Lohan is a bore. However, you know what’s not a bore? An alternative Lohan and Dina and a gumball machine. Now that’s fun. Dina hasn’t been around so many balls since her night out at Hyde on Tuesday! Oh! Stop me if you heard this before! Anyway, […]

Lindsay and Her Box. Clever.

I’ve received many emails asking why I haven’t commented on Lindsay being out of rehab. My thought process is pretty basic and I’ve stated it before. “A sober Lindsay is a boring Lindsay.” While Lindsay remains sober over the next few weeks, I predict that there won’t be a lot for me to write about. […]

Michael Lohan to Marry Lindsay Lohan?

Well by now we already know that Lindsay has been freed from Camp Rehab in Utah after reuniting with her father, Michael Lohan. I can’t wait to see Lindsay tackle her newly found soberism (is that a word?) one party in LA at a time. Anyway, I didn’t know that Michael and Lindsay were about […]

Will Dina Swap Places With Lindsay?

I heart Dina Lohan. Just take a look at this crazy minx. Whose mom dresses like that? She is a mirror of Lindsay. Technically she’s a coke mirror of Lindsay. Dina stopped by for a visit and a photo opportunity at Lindsay No Pant’s rehab facility in Utah. While some are saying that Dina is […]

Jodie Foster is Looking For Dina Lohan

Uh oh! Grab your Misty 120’s, bottle of self-tanner, bottle of pills, and bottle of cheap vodka and make a run for it, Dina, because Jodi Foster is looking for your ass! And my money is on Jodi! Jodi Foster was recently interviewed by Gotham Magazine and when asked about teen stars and Lindsay No […]

Reason #46321 Why I Love Dina Lohan

There are many reasons why I heart Dina Lohan, clearly. I heart Dina because I bet she would be a blast to do shots with and/or drink with during the day. I heart Dina because she dresses like she’s 21 and goes to the same bars and clubs that her daughter goes to. I heart […]

Dina Lohan No Te Gustas el Donald Trump

For some reason I felt that bad/incorrect Spanish needed to be used in this title. What? I’ve broadened my reach in Y2 of IBBB. I’m reaching out to all of my Spanish speaking reader. Anyway, Dina Lohan continues to address every single person who makes a public statement on about Lindsay No Pants. This time […]

I’m Hunting Lohan’s

Sadly, I may have to temporarily stop hunting Olsen Sluts. What? I said temporarily. As I typically don’t report on things that people tell me and only comment on other peoples stories I figure it’s year 2 of ImBringingBloggingBack (or Y2IBBB for short) so why not step it up a notch. Everyone seems to be […]