Happy Birthday to Me!

Even though I made a deal with Santa Christ and Jesus Claus (they’re two different people) that I would no longer age I have turned another year older.  Today in fact.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am appreciative that my birthday does fall on the same day that Jersey Shore is on.  I mean, […]

The Hills Recap: You Know the Show Doesn’t End When You’re Crazy and Run Scenarios in Your Head All the Live-Long Day, Right? Riiiight?

Join Me on Facebook! Did you know The Hills was over? Did you know that I was crazy? Do you know that The Hills never ends when you’re crazy? It’s easier that way. Here’s what I can only assume would have happened in the next crapisode of The Hills…had it continued. Let’s run this up […]

Come to New York. Come Swim in a Dumpster.

Using homeless people as floats has never had more meaning than now!  Welcome to New York, grab a tetanus shot, and come swim in our dumpsters….literally!  What was an idea stolen from the people of a little place called “Georgia,” found its way to Brooklyn and is now making its way directly into Manhattan around […]

Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap: See You July 29th, America’s Birthday I Believe.

Well folks it’s the last repeat recap you’re going to have to read for a little while because the new season of Jersey Shore starts up on July 29th.  Seriously, thank God.  I almost bought a book at the book…shop (?) the other day and was like, wait a second what am I doing?!  I […]

IBBB’s Interview With Kim G….

….come back tomorrow to check it out.  Good times all around.  Good times!

Jersey Shore Recap: Pauly D Has an Israeli Stalker. Neat.

I’m fist pumping like a maniac who has a contact high from excessive Drakkar Noir usage over the Jersey Shore Season 2 Preview from the other day.  In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for last nights repeat of The Shore.  Here’s what went down with Pauly D and his Israeli stalker.  Memories…. If there’s […]

Jersey Shore Recap: The One With the GTL

Join Me on Facebook! Repeats of The Jersey Shore = Recaps on The IBBB.  That’s how math works.  Sort of.  Walk down Teasing Comb Lane with me and let’s see what the Douche-Bag-Brigade was up to on the GTL crapisode of Jersey Shore: We kick things off with a lesson on how to make a […]

Why is Phillip Banks Handcuffing James Lipton All While Norm from Cheers Does Nothing?!

I don’t know why either.

Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki’s Mouth Stops Working

Let’s take another AquaNet’d stroll down trash bag lane since MTV is replaying episodes of Jersey Shore every Thursday night.  Sure we’ve seen them 1,503 times, but one more won’t hurt, will it?  Will it?  It won’t right?  Right?  Fine, let’s try it anyway.  Let’s see what went down on last nights repeat of Jersey […]

Obviously There’s Gotta Be Somethin’ Else…

Well, well, well.  Now I may not be good with “the numbers” and “the math” but something isn’t quite adding up to me.  The New York Post is claiming that Real Houswife of New York City, Teresa Giudice and her husband, Mr Barney Rubble, owe upwards of $11 million in debt.  That kind of money […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Pickle Lickin’ Snooki Drunk Dances While Angelina Packs Her Trash Bags

If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!  Let’s walk down trash bag lane and experience the 2nd episode of Jersey Shore and learn what the d-bag brigade was up to.   Here’s a little sneak peak.  Click on the link at the end to read the full recap: Snooki Time!  Snooki is looking to […]

Jersey Shore Recap: If You Haven’t Met Snooki, She’s New to You!

Join Me on Facebook.  It’ll Be Terrible! MTV is running the first season of Jersey Shore like no one has ever seen it or heard about it before.  That’s great for me as I recapped all the episodes so, like NBC’s marketing campaign in the summer of 1998, “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new […]

Attention Young Girls of America! Get Pregnant. It Works Out Way Better Than You Thought!

Safe sex, shmafe sex!  Just think, if you are around 16 years old and not married (sorry Mississippi residents) then you should get on the fast track to motherhood because, let’s face it, it can really start to pay off.  Sure you’ll be a little embarrassed at first, but next thing you know MTV is […]

Fun Thoughts with The News

I didn’t need science to prove this as I have a little show I like to call “The Hills” and a little character I like to call “Spencer Pratt.”  Here’s to all the neanderthals that made it!

No More Sleeps!

I went to bed extra early last night so that I could wake up and it would be The Hills and The City day!  I also call this “Kill Yourself Day” for obvious reasons.  As you may or may not know from the 3 day Hills marathon that MTV played over the weekend, The Hills […]

Well I Bet Now Thomas J Wishes He Never Got Killed By All Those Pesky Bees!

Hey Thomas J, jump on out of that casket and slap on those damn glasses because you’re gonna wanna see how awkward Vada Sultenfuss turned out all these years later.  Oh, you’re still dead and junk?  Fine. Anna Chulmsky cleans up nicely, nearly 20 years later (holy Christ I’m old) where she attended an opening […]

Is This So That When The Kids Grow Up They Don’t Think That Mom and Dad HAD to Get Married?

Seriously, fast forward about 10 more years and the kids are going to start asking, “Mommy?  Daddy?  Did you have to get married because I was a mistake?”  And then Ang and Bra will have to tell them that either Angie ate extra spicy food when she was pregnant with some of them and that’s […]

Gabourey Sidibe Hosting SNL

Gabourey Sidibe is hosting Saturday Night Live this week and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this.  On one hand I am a little jealous that I am not an obese black woman who gets to be on the show.  On the other hand, I think it’s rude that SNL continues […]

So, Dr. 90210 Sprouted Breasts

Everything is wrong with this.  Everything.  If you recall, E! used to have a “reality show” called Dr 90210.  Sure I tuned in once or twice, but I had to move on as I could never once understand one word this d-bag was saying.  Well, that and the fact that I think his wife was […]

So, Uh, Which One is Mickey Rourke’s Girlfriend?

Remember when after allowing your dog to play with Stretch Armstrong for the day he ended up looking deflated, chewed up, and spit out?  I am pleased to introduce you to Mickey Rourke and his girlfriend.  Figuring out which one is which should really be a drinking game, as it ironically gets easier when you’re […]