7 Years and It Only Seems Like 70

7 years, 7 years, on his 7th birthday found out it wasn’t his?!  I think there’s a song like that.  Either way.  Welcome to the new IBBB!  In a few days the staff at IBBB (me) will be celebrating 7 years of this here site.  No, for real.  They say after 10 years you become […]

Vacation is Spanish for Vacation

Hola. IBBB will be flying the unfriendly sky and finally taking a well deserved vacation! I will return next Tuesday, 3/12/2013 with a tan and possibly a much needed liver transplant.  I plan to only be all teeth and eyes at that point.  All recaps will resume once I’m back.  Until then, feel free to […]

Logical Reasons Why One More Snow Storm Will Actually Kill Me

Hello my good people.  With the current weather I thought we should dig deep into the IBBB archives and bring back the open letter of yesteryear to Mr Snowstorm.  In the meantime, follow me on Facebook and lets get through this storm together! Dear Winter Snowstorm, Hey there how are you? Yeah, I’m ok thanks […]

Opposites Day

Hello my good people. I created this blog six (yes, six) years ago for a variety of reasons. Part of the reason was to get discovered and sell out big time. Sure that’s still a major part of the goal. I mean, I’ll be ready to jump ship at a moments notice the second that […]

19 People from “Some eCards” I’m Pretty Sure We’ve Seen Before

We all know those eCards that “the kids” like to post on “The Facebook” all the live-long day.  I may have posted one or 2,429 myself.  After a while I started to notice that some of these people looked a little familiar to me and, well, since I am “sans life” I decided to let […]

Deep Thoughts With IBBB

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In Defense of Lisa Turtle’s Face and Whatnot and So On

Everyone and your filthy mother is writing about our poor little Lisa Turtle and her new facia bruta that has popped up all over the place thanks to a video from Yahoo.  Personally I find it more shocking that Yahoo has an online TV show that anyone actually cares about, but that’s another story for […]

“Did You Just Come Back from Vacation?” Said Nobody Ever

Waking up to the Today Show, I assume was the highlight of my day. And by “day” I of course mean, “life.” Starting your day any other way than watching Ann Curry try to be ” naturally funny” is just plain old stupid. As I had awoken from my slumber I immediately saw this woman […]

Me Gusta All Things Education Connection

It’s no secret I love all things “Education Connection.”  Can’t get enough.  It’s not possible.  I love everything about these commercials.  I love the one with the girl in a Michael Jackson red leather jacket who’s doing  80’s fist pumps to “da beat.”  I love the one where the girl works at a hot dog […]

Break Today

I heard some sad news last night that an avid reader of this crap blog has unexpectedly passed away.  The name, for this purpose, does not matter.  This person was someone who read here constantly, commented on the regular, and was extremely supportive of my ghetto writing career.  You know, this has actually happened a […]

Like a Cheerleader in Trouble…I’m Late

I had a steamy Valentine’s night with Barb so the Teen Mom 2 season finale will be a day late. Also, my DVR craps the bed. Literally. I bring it in bed with me and it does stinky-poo right there on the damn sheets, Jenelle! So, folks, come back tomorrow and/or later tonight for the […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me. I’m Kidding. It Is, Of Course, You.

Programming Note: IBBB (that’s me) is off to sunny LA for work this week.  I know, it’s tough.  I’m hoping to find some time to become a Scientologist and a Geologist all in one shot.  I will, of course, be hunting Lohan’s, trying to find out if Madame Tussauds has a Nell Carter wax statue […]

If You Don’t Try Harder, You’ll Never Meet Goal

My good people of Boston, Something seems a little off lately in my wicked-pissah hometown and while I couldn’t necessarily put my finger on it (giggity), the drunken skanks over at Boston.com surely have figured it out and apparently the murder total is unusually low.  Hmmm, unusually low?  I, too, would have expected more brutal […]

If These Chicks Would Have Cuddled, My Life Would Have No Meaning. None.

Get Social:  Join Me on Facebook and Twitter! The original cast of Teen Mom is the equivalent of the original cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey for me.  In my eyes they can do no wrong.  So when I saw this quick 30 second commercial (?) I punched myself in the nutsels until I […]

Here’s How I Envision It…

By now we all have seen the footage that the drunken skankbots over at TMZ have of Jenelle beating the bag out of some chick on her own front lawn.  Now if you forget who Jenelle is, she’s Barb’s little b*tch of a daughtah.  Sure, I could just run the same tasteless video that every […]

Amber’s Mug Shot is Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Join Me on Facebook and The Twitter! Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood, the less orange Lindsay Lohan of our generation, has been arrested for allegedly (although my eyes saw it via the MTV cameras) beating the baby fat out of her fiance Gary (or Gar Bear has he is fondly referred to around the offices of […]

Merry Happy Holiday, Like “The Christmas!”

From all of me at IBBB, have a happy holiday season filled with electronic cigarettes, freakin’ poofs, and punches from your loved ones.  Let’s all “sexy-dance” into the new year!  Ho-ho-huh? Luke Warm Regards, IBBB Join Me on Facebook and The Twitter!

Dear MTV, Please Give Butch and April Their Own Show. Thanks, IBBB.

An Open Letter/Plea to MTV (probably Liz Gately and/or Adam DiVello) Dear Powers-to-Be at MTV, I am writing to you to beg you to please (and thank you) give April and Butch from Teen Mom their own spin-off show.  Seeing Butch’s gelled rat-tail-mullet week after week has brought more joy to the continental United States […]

Taking a Few Seconds Off

Hi all. I know everyone comes here for some laughs and to get away from their desk for a few minutes a day, so I apologize in advance for the brief Debbie Downer moment. I recently found out that a long-time reader of IBBB had passed away. While I never knew him personally, Kevin was […]