The Ultimate Catfish Recaps from IBBB


Get caught up on all things "Catfish" and learn some trashy tips on how to not get Catfished such as "not joining a chatroom" and "don't fall in love with someone who's sent you one picture over the past 4 years and is not on Facebook."

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Catfish Recap: The One When The Sims Come to Life and Brush Up on Their Game

We’re on what I can only assume is episode 341 of this season of Catfish.  So far, no one has got into a slap-match with anyone so it’s kind of a downer…Debbie-style.  This week through the wonderful medium of television, we get to meet Jennifer.  She’s an 18 year old senior in high school and […]

Catfish Recap: 60 Minutes of Mumbles

I think the beauty of Catfish is that it pretty much mixes the camera work of COPS and the stomach butterflies of the big reveal during The Swan…and does it beautifully each week with a new cast of characters.  Ironically that’s probably how Nev pitched this junk to the network heads at MTV.  This week […]

Catfish Recap: LeVourne & Trikey

This crapisode of Catfish is 1 hr and 30 minutes.  What in the holy Nev-Hell could possibly happen where they’ll need an extra half-hour?  Something tells me that once they ring the doorbell someone is getting Mary-Jo-Buttafucco’d in the face.  It’s only a matter of time.  This time around we get to meet Lauren.  She’s from Steven […]

Catfish Recap: The One With the Telenovela

  It’s time for another episode of “It’s Never Once Been Who You Thought It Was, Never Ever Not Even Once:  Season 2.”  Friend the people from your Hotmail Spam folder because we’ve got a real doozie on our hands this week.  Apparently there’s a state called Arizona and it birthed some dude named Ramon. […]

Catfish Recap: The Case of the White Hand

If MTV won’t take my plea seriously to rename this show “Fat Chick in a Shed” then please let’s all just call it “I Can’t” because, well, I can’t.  This week we meet Anthony who lives in the part of Texas where people just tack up mirrors wall to wall in their home for inexplicable […]

Catfish Recap: Pickles and the Phone Sex Rapper

  I think what I like best about the people on Catfish is that I’m almost certain they’ve never heard of Google…or even Ask Jeeves for that matter. Like, these bricks are the type that log onto AOL chatrooms (circa 1996) and send money to sex-spam-bots on the regular. Oh and enter Cassie. She lives […]