Britney Spears is Bald & Back From Rehab

Britney Spears is bald and back from rehab baby, yeah! Yup, that’s a sentence that I never thought I’d say. Britney allegedly checked herself into a Caribbean rehab, but then checked herself out just 24 hours later. What, you can be cured in 24 hours, right? The rehab facility that Britney “gave a good shot” […]

Britney Seen with Kids, Rabbi Pissed

I figured that since I also seem to comment that Britney is never seen with her kids, that I should be fair and comment on when she is seen with her kids. Britney was packing up her crap in NYC and heading like a bat outta hell to the airport. The trailer must miss her. […]

Britney Thinks She’s Fatty Fat Fat

According to British newspaper, News of the World, Isaac Cohen (sometimes real boyfriend, sometimes ex-boyfriend) has said that Britney would spend hours worrying that she was “too fat.” Isaac would tell her that she was beautiful, but Britney would still worry. I wonder if Isaac said that when Britney was smoking butts on a yacht […]

Britney is Smoking and NOT Smoking Hot

Britney was recently quoted as saying that being single is “awesome!” Yeee Haw! Then I picture her spitting and shooting a gun in the air. Maybe she’s single because she’s smoking nasty cigarettes and doesn’t brush her rats nest of a hairdo? I love me a girl who smokes a lot. It’s so sexy. I […]

Britney Forgets Bra at Target

Britney spent a little time yesterday shopping at Target, but I think, I think, she forgot to bring her bra with her. I mean it is difficult to remember both a bra and underwear and since Britney is now starting to wear underwear again it just makes sense that she’d forget her bra. Britney is […]

KFed to Brit: Go to Rehab With Lindsay

According to an upcoming issue of Star Magazine, KFed wants Britney to check her tired ass into rehab, as he’s afraid she’s going to hurt herself. A random source close to the ex-couple has said that Kevin has tried everything to get Britney to go to rehab, even threatening to take away her kids (she […]

Britney Shaves Elmo, Wears Fur in Vegas

Poor Elmo, he never gets a break. Britney was out and about in Vegas (baby!) with her new boyfriend Isaac Cohen (KFed 2.0) and really tried to hide from the paparazzi. Unfortunately the paparazzi spotted Britney and something tells me that they may, they may have noticed her because of the red boa. Just a […]

Britney Seen With Child, Won’t Touch Him

Ohhhh so close this time! Britney was actually spotted (ready for this…) NOT drinking AND with one of her children – Sean Preston. But, have no fear my friends, Britney was not spotted actually holding her child at any point during her outing at the pet store. However, Britney did have time to lift up […]

Britney “White Trashes” It Up on a Yacht!

You know, some people want the “old Britney” to come back. Not me, that’s for shit-sure! When last spotted, Britney was getting out of her car with an actual bra and panties on (or bathing suit…whatever) and now we know exactly where she ended up and who she ended up with. Well, we don’t know […]

Britney Remembers Bra, Forgets Purse

Britney almost has it right and by “right” I basically just mean that she’s remembered her underwear (sadly) and other articles of clothes. So let’s regroup. Britney does have a bra/bikini top. Check! Britney does have some form of shoes on. Boots (random). Check! Britney does have underwear/bikini bottoms on. Check! Britney does have bad/fake […]

Britney is Back; As Kathy Griffin?

Holy Kathy Griffin lookalike Batman! So after Britney hit the deck at club Pure on New Years Eve she was nowhere to be found, but then the folks over at X17 found her last night leaving dinner and then heading right over to Les Deux, which is French for “Drunken Mother Whom Abandons Her Children.” […]

Britney Looks Good, World Implodes

Like I always say about the “greenhouse effect” the hotter the better and the same goes for Britney Spears. While I typically think she is a bit of a white-trashish tool, I like her much better when she looks hot and, I’m afraid to say, Britney looks good right now. Now, this could change literally […]

Britney: Two Dollar Sucky Sucky

Nothing says, “Happy Birthday Mom!” quite like a stroke. Britney was helping to celebrate her mom’s birthday and by “helping to celebrate” I really mean “dressing like a complete whore.” The last time I saw an outfit like this was actually two times: (1) In the Paula Abdul video, Cold Hearted Snake – except with […]

Britney’s Ghost Boobs Go XMAS Shopping

Here comes ghost boobs, here comes ghost boobs right down trailer park lane….. Britney is on the hunt for some Christmas gifts in Beverly Hills (that’s only where I shop too), but it looks like Santa Claus already brought Britney one gift already….a bra! Who knew Santa’s elves made bras in the North Pole!? Maybe […]

Britney is Way Too Busy For a Bra

I have to admit, Britney really is a triple-threat in every sense of the word. I never wanted to give Britney so much credit as to say she’s a triple threat, but she really is. Oh wait, I don’t mean triple threat in regards to singing, acting, and dancing. I actually mean “triple threat” in […]

Britney With Black Ghost Boobs

Britney is following in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson by rocking out with some ghost boobs and wearing a spandex dress all at the same time. Good for her for being able to multi-task. Looks like Britney darkened up her hair too. At least now we know for sure that the curtains match the carpet, […]

Britney Turns 25, Looks 45

Happy 45th birthday Britney! Oh, wait 25. Britney looks just like any mother in these photos. You know, any mother who dresses like a whore and presses her ass up against a glass window when people are outside taking pictures. I think Mother Teresa started out the same way. Yup, I just checked in my […]

I’m Calling the Pussy Police

I don’t even want to blog about it any more, but how can I not? I’m totally calling the pussy police on Britney Spears and if they don’t want to do anything about it I’m going to perform a citizens arrest (amongst other things). Britney had been showing off her tater-tot almost each and every […]

Paris & Britney to Ruin Billboard Awards

Oh crap! Get ready for the least funny, yet most “train-wreck-like” Billboard Music Awards ever. Britney and Paris (ernie and bert) will be co-hosting the Billboard Awards next week (Monday @ 8pm EST) in Vegas. An “insider” said, “they’ll be fun on stage.” What? Fun on stage? If by “fun” you mean “awkwardly reading cue […]

Britney: Crooked Boobs, Blood, & Sweat

Wow Britney is busy really letting herself go to waste. I think there have been more Britney Spears posts this week than ever before. Just when I figured I would give it a rest I come across (not literally) these photos. Looking good Britney! There are so many “favorite parts” to this photo, but my […]