Britney’s New Song, Womanizer, Makes the Rounds

Britney was caught rocking a black Halloween fright wig after she shot part of her video for her new single, Womanizer, the other day in LA. I’m not sure if she ripped Rihanna’s old wig right off of her head or asked to borrow it, but either way Britney is back in a wig and […]

Ohhhh Tyra is Going to be PISSED!

If you don’t know by now because you’re too busy reading about gas prices, banks closing, businesses filing for Chapter 11, and political bullcrap, Britney Spears will be releasing her new single soon called, “Womanizer.” With that comes all sorts of crazy people trying to leak the song and show what the cover will look […]

Britney Spears in a Major Horse-Off

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If there are two things I love it’s Britney and horses. I want to see more of Britney and I want to see more horses. I’m not quite sure, however, why Britney looks like she’s about punch that dumb horse in the nose/mouth. I just hope […]

Happy Birthday to “What’s His Face” and “The Other One.” I’m Watching the Party Up in This Here Tree. Hi!!

Britney Spears, you may have heard of her, threw a birthday party for her two boys, “What’s His Face” and “The Other One.” One of them turned 2 and one of them turned 3. Like trying to figure out which Olsen is Mary Kate and which Olsen is Ashley, it doesn’t matter. Whoever took these […]

I See You Britney. We All See You. We’re In the Tree Above You.

Nice try with the huge umbrella, Mary Poppins, but looks like they got the shots of Britney anyway. Britney was allegedly shooting a new video at a Bel Air house that was rented for 6 hours the other day. Perhaps she’s redoing “Hit Me Baby One More Time?” Why not. I say just keep re-releasing […]

Britney Wins a Bunch of Awards at the VMA’s

Hey folks. In case you missed the snooze-a-palooza that was the 2008 VMA’s, Britney Spears won herself some awards. In fact, she has never won an MTV award before and since MTVs ratings are in the shitter it was no surprise that she ended up winning three awards last night. Anything to get her on […]

Britney Spears Opens the VMAs and Her Life to Us. I’m Live Blogging Britney.

Sure it’s a big deal that Britney is opening the MTV Video Music Awards, but they’re making it seem like Jesus is coming back to earth to say hi and save us all. Britney enters the stage and receives a standing ovation. She looks good, although she had the microphone directly in front of her […]

There Was No Doubt in My Mind That This Was What Would Be On Britney’s Picnic Table

Anyone surprised this is what Britney’s picnic table looked like? I’m not. Actually, if there wasn’t a can of Sunkist and a $0.99 bag of Cheetos on the table I was going to close this blog down and devote my life to mastering a fake British accent. Britney and her two kids, “What’s His Face” […]

Britney Gives Interview to OK! Magazine?

What in the who? Reports are out that Britney has given an exclusive sit down inerview with OK! Magazine which will be out on stands on Friday. Supposedly this is Britney’s first interview and photoshoot in over 2 years. You may remember that OK! Magzine were the ones who spilled the white-trash beans the last […]

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early!

It seems like just yesterday Lynne Spears was supposed to write a book on parenting, but then her daughter, Britney, was forced into a mental institution and her other daughter, Jamie Lynn, got knocked the hell up at 16. Clearly the book theme was scrapped, but not the book deal overall. Lynne has a new […]

It’s Kids Day at Britney’s House!

Hot-glue on your fanciest weave because it’s “Bring Your Kids to Britney’s House Day!” Britney got to spend the day with her two kids, “What’s His Face” and “The Other One” and her dad, “Hillbilly Harry”thanks to her new court agreement. Eh, at least she looks happy. I’d rather see Britney with a smile (and […]

Britney Returns to Robertson With Starbucks and an Olsen?

Uh oh! I don’t want to say too much, but while everyone is saying that “Britney’s back” in a positive way I’m hoping that Britney is back in a “fun blogger way.” She may be slimming down, but she has journeyed back to Robertson Boulevard in LA yesterday with a handful of crap and her […]

Finally, Something Between Britney’s Legs That Won’t Take Her Money, Y’all!

Praise Jesus, y’all! Finally something between Britney’s legs that won’t try to take her money! I mean that dude on the other horse is totally going to mug her as soon as she dismounts, but that’s a given. It’s Mexico. If they’re not trying to tell you a wooden duck that they carved on the […]

Britney Goes to Mexico! Woo-Hoo! Spring Break 2008! Ow! Ow!

Ow! Ow! Britney Spears headed to Cabo San Lucas over the weekend for a little rest, relaxation, and cigarette breaks with George Maloof, owner of the Palms Hotel in Vegas and one of the producers to blame for the Living Lohan show. Seriously was the paparazzo that took these pictures parasailing over Britney’s hotel? Creepy. […]

Britney and Justin: Reunited and it Feels So Awkward

Sweet! My time machine that I’ve been working on since the 4th grade must be finally ready for service. OK! Magazine, the bird cage liner of celebrity magazines, is reporting that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will be making studio voice altering music together again for Britney’s upcoming album. Yes, my friends, they’ll be singing […]

Let’s Play the “Britney Spears White Trash Spotter” Game!

This, my friends, is what I like to call a “blogger lay-up.” Britney Spears was creepily photographed in the privacy of her own home in her bikini, smoking, and with her son. Now I’m not sure if this is “What’s His Face” or “The Other One” but one thing is for certain, it’s fun to […]

So, Uh, Who Went “To Town” on Britney’s Dress?

Are Monica Lewinsky jokes still funny? Not really? I’ll pass then. Let me be the first to say, however, that I’ve been teeing off on Britney Spears basically since I started this ghetto little blog almost 2-years ago and I’d like to announce that as soon as Britney is 100% cured of “the crazy” I […]

Tip Back Your Moonshine, KFed Gets to Keep the Kids Y’all!

OK Magazine is doing all their fancy reporting and claiming that Britney has finally given up her hopes and dreams of getting full custody of her kids, “What’s His Face” and “The Other One.” Here’s what KFed’s attorney, Mark Kaplan, had to say: “At about 8 p.m. PT, a final settlement in the Kevin Federline-Britney […]

Britney. An Elevator. A Dream.

E! Online is showing some of the first pictures of Britney Spears shooting her video for Madonna’s tour just the other day. Britney will have enough makeup caked on to hide the crazy and perform her “part” in an elevator. Her performance is said to be “short movie” that will “be very deep” and I’m […]

Breaking Britney Spears News!

Breaking Britney Spears news! Has Britney just received full custody of her kids? I have no clue. Has Britney Spears been photographed coming out of the B2V Salon in Beverly Hills (90210) with hair that doesn’t look stringy or like someone just took about 10 Barbie heads and stapled them to her head? The answer […]