Big Brother 12 Recap: I Vote to Evict…..Myself from Planet Earth.

Join Me on Facebook! Well it’s time for another live eviction, so that can only mean one thing.  Julie Chen gets to seduce me with her sexy teleprompter reading and her button pressing to talk to the house-guests.  Fine that was two things.  Here’s what went down last night on ¡Grande Hermano! Everyone is fake […]

Big Brother 12 Recap: Well, That Was Fast.

Join Me on Facebook, My Own Big Brother Well it’s time for another episode of Big Brother.  I thought this was on for the past 5 days straight so it only makes sense that it’s on again tonight.  But tonight is a special night, boys and girls.  It’s the night when someone gets executed on […]

Big Brother 12 Recap: Stop Saying “Saboteur.”

Join Me on Facebook, My Own Big Brother Well everyone, it’s that time of year when Big Brother comes back to “the television” to remind me the lack of life I have.  Big Brother doesn’t remind me this just one day per week.  Oh, no no.  Never. Ever.  Big Brother decides to remind me this […]

Who Won Big Brother 10?

In case the 4 people who watch Big Brother happened to miss who won the $500,000, let me catch you up on that. Dan, the teacher from Dearborn, Mich beat out Memphis, the “mixologist” from Hollywood. Every sick-son-of-a-bitch in the jury house actually voted for Dan. Followers! Personally, I would have voted for Julie Chen’s […]

Anyone Out There Still Watching Big Brother?

I believe there are 4 people left in the United States watching Big Brother, and I’m one of them. I’m going to admit that I was pretty bummed that Keesha got the boot on Big Brother last night. She should have sailed her way into the top 3 over Jerry. I would have voted for […]

Renny: Big Brother 10: Thank Christ!

I’m pretty sure that there’s about 6 people watching Big Brother 10 and I’m one of them. See you guys at the meetings! Possibly the best Big Brother houseguest of all time is Renny, the 55 year old salon owner from New Orleans. To me, she’s like that lady at the Bingo hall who smokes […]

Who Won Big Brother 9?

Ah another season of Big Brother has come and gone and if you’re one of the other 17 people like me who actually watches this show you were probably not completely shocked that Adam won the $500,000 prize and captured almost all the votes. That’s nice. You may remember Adam being captured on camera multiple […]

Who Won Big Brother 8?

I’m still completely pissed for not making it into the Big Brother house, but like any obedient white-trash blogger I will recap the piss out of the Big Brother 8 Finale. So who won? Don’t read this if you don’t want to know. Also, don’t stare directly into the sun. Just another helpful tip. Here’s […]

Big Brother: Sure I’ll Recap Ya!

True story. I got an email from an angry ImBringingBloggingBack reader who was upset that I haven’t recapped any episodes from this season of Big Brother. So, I gave in and figured I would recap last nights episode. I’m going to need the practice with “The Hills” starting up soon. Oh, and let me just […]