Time For a Beyonce Pose Off!

To the left, to the left. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a classic “Beyonce Pose-Off!” Which Beyonce pose makes you the most uncomfortable to look at. You have two options: “Boobonce: Beyonce at the DreamGirls Premiere last night in the UK” or you can choose “Pitsonce: Beyonce at the DreamGirls Premiere […]

Beyonce, Sluts Wear Red

I said it about Oprah and I’ll say it about Beyonce: Sluts Wear Red. It’s a fact. Check your fact book and you’ll see it there. Look at the second photo, she’s even touching herself in public like a pervert…or a slut. See? I’m rarely wrong. Funny story, I get more hate mail from people […]

Beyonce Suffered Depression & Is Skitzo

Sometimes I feel really bad for celebrities. I mean, they’re very rich, loved by millions, and can get basically anything they want. Who can live like that? In this Sunday’s Parade Magazine, Beyonce talked about how she was depressed when she was 18 and two of the members of Destiny’s Child were booted/left the group. […]

Beyonce’s Dream Girls Need Air

Beyonce was busting at the seams, literally, to get to her premiere of “Dream Girls” last night. The “girls” were in full show last night and could perhaps be the next members of Destiny’s Child. So the premiere of Dream Girls in CA last night seemed a little random to me. There were some decent […]

Beyonce, No Finger, Dead Weave

Looking hot Beyonce! Beyonce was out and about with her mother, sister, nephew, and who I believe is actually Inspector Gadget. It’s actually Kelly Rolland. Beyonce is looking a bit beat down. She’s clearly not adhering to my rule about those who have money should dress like it. I don’t care if you’re walking out […]

Eva & Beyonce NOT to Dyke It Out, Sniff

Sure Jack Palance died, but I have some truly sad news to break. Eva Longoria is fighting back rumors that she is to play Beyonce’s lesbian lover in an upcoming movie. To sadly quote Eva, “Stop the madness! Believe me I would love to work with Beyonce…but this is something we are definitely not doing […]

Beyonce and Solange: The Cameltoe Sisters

Beyonce and Solange where taking a moment yesterday to show off their cameltoe at a fashion shoot for Beyonce’s new clothing line from “House of Dereon,” or as like to now call it, “House of Cameltoe.” Really? Is that in fashion now because I know some people who were not only rocking the cameltoe for […]

Beyonce Sing-Dumps Your Ass

Beyonce is so “sing dumping” your ass! Beyonce has a new song out, “Irreplaceable” which actually sounds nothing like a normal Beyonce song. I mean first, there are no sirens going off in the background, like in “Ring the Alarm” which always made me feel like we were under a major nuclear terrorist attack. I’ve […]

Beyonce to Pull a Madonna?

Is Beyonce playing the latest Hollywood trend? Orphan hunting? I’m not 100% sure, but she may also be auditioning for additional members of Destiny’s Child, since she seems to go through those faster than glasses of champagne. Ok, play time is over. Beyonce was actually in Nigeria, indeed at an orphanage, because she was the […]