Why is Solange Beating Up Jay Z in an Elevator and is This Just Another Beyonce Video Release?

What in the holy hell happens at The Met Gala?  I typically think that TMZ is the devil and, well, it is but this one I couldn’t help but to share because what better way to kick off your week than watching blurry surveillance footage of an alleged Solange Knowles allegedly kicking and allegedly slapping […]

Beyonce's Weave is a Flight Risk

  Beyonce’s hair might be trying to distract you from her “almost there” cameltoe, but not from us experts/losers.  Beyonce, apparently wearing outfits again made by Tina Knowles, performed at the F1 Rocks Singapore concert this past weekend.  With some insane dance moves and a power fan, Beyonce’s hair began to fly.  Sadly, it’s been […]

2001…Throw Your Hands Up At Me

Beyonce?  Are the Friends really friends?  Dust off your “Say My Name” single because Destiny’s Child is together again.  Sure they’re not making a new album or anything, but they did come together for Kelly Rowland’s 28th birthday at Opera in LA the other night.  I’m not surprised that “The Other One” made it to […]

Seriously Who Poses Like This?

What ever happened to the good old days of just standing their and yelling, “Cheeeeese!” It was a simpler time. Now, Beyonce is biting her finger and raising her hand up in the air all whilst crossing her legs. And don’t give me the bullsh*t that she’s playing that ridiculous “Sasha Fierce” character. Yeah, no, […]

Beyonce’s Electoral Cameltoe!

Wow. Due to hard economic times, we haven’t been able to play the “ImBringingBloggingBack Cameltoe Rating System….to the Stars!” Well, thanks to Beyonce and the bailout, we now can. As you know, IBBB rates the level of cameltoeocity and will award up to 5 camels. Ooooo! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhhh! I know. Thanks to this being a […]

Trust Me. The Japanese Eat This Sh*t Up!

Over in Japan, Beyonce and her sister are like freakin’ King Kong and Godzilla. I’m surprised they didn’t enter the stage by crashing through the wall and picking up the tiny Japanese paparazzi. Anychild, King Kong and Godzilla attended the Eight Million Ginza Gates store opening in Japan over the weekend. I’m almost positive that […]

Rihanna Caught Whatever Beyonce Had

I was listening to that little minx, Rihanna, the other day and all of a sudden I got very reminiscent of Beyonce during her “Irreplaceable” days. The song in question is “Take a Bow” by Rihanna. Ok look, it’s catchy (as is crabs) but so was Irreplaceable until you actually listen to the words. Rihanna […]

Aretha is Hungry and On Edge

Oh snap! Oh no you just did not! Similar to the rule of Oprah, don’t ever sass Aretha, especially when she’s just coming off a diet. So I guess Aretha’s leather thong is shoved to far up her Immaculate ass because she is not too happy with Beyonce and the Grammy’s overall. Here’s what went […]

Beyonce & Tina Turner Have a Sass Off

Let’s face it, the Grammy Awards typically crap the bed and this year was no different, except for the fact that this year I was looking forward to seeing Beyonce and Tina Turner sing together…..not because I’m a big fan or anything, but because I’ve been saying for years that Beyonce’s mother is actually Tina […]

Does Beyonce’s Charity Work Include Reuniting Destiny’s Child?

As a wise song once said, “You can say no, no, no, no, no, when it’s really yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Well I want to hear more brilliant lyrics like that and I know the world does too and by “world” I mean a couple of my friends. Kelly Rowland, one of the singers […]

This Time Last Year: Beyonce Sing Dumps

It’s time for another look into the past year of IBBB and experience “This Time Last Year.” This time, we’re taking a look at Beyonce and how she’s mastered “sing-dumping” us and what that crazy little skank was up to “This Time Last Year.” Here’s what me and Beyonce were up to: Beyonce is so […]

Beyonce Falls Down the Stairs

Remember when Whitney from “The Hills” slid down the stairs on Good Morning America? Yeah, well this is nothing like it. Beyonce was “in concert” and actually went head first down a flight of stairs on stage. Strangely, she got up and kept dancing like nothing ever happened. Perhaps the weave acts like a protective […]

OH! So That’s What’s in the Box to the Left

Finally after over a year, one of life’s biggest mysteries has been solved. I know I’m supposed to go to the left, to the left, everything I own in a box to the left. But what exactly is “everything?” Now I know. It consists Hamburger Helper, Bush’s Baked Beans, some sweet corn in the can, […]

Beyonce Later Wrapped Vegetables in Her Dress and Grilled It

Beyonce won some big ass awards last night at the BET Awards. Beyonce took home “Video of the Year” for “Irreplaceable” and was also named best R&B Artist. However, just to rub it in Beyonce’s face, Jennifer Hudson also won two awards; “Best New Artist” and “Female Actress.” Looks like Beyonce got the shaft again […]

Beyonce and JayZ in St. Tropez: Please Insert Sexual Innuendos Here:

T-o-o m-a-n-y s-e-x-u-a-l i-n-n-u-e-n-o-s, w-i-l-l c-o-m-b-u-s-t. Beyonce and JayZ were living the vida loca in St. Tropez recently when it appears that they were at a Sea World type atmosphere. Now is it a bit ironic that JayZ is sucking on something and Beyonce is putting nuts in her mouth? What? I’m just saying, it’s […]

Beyonce & Kimora & Tyra

Three dudes walk into a bar…

Dear Beyonce, You’re Not Spanish

Dear Beyonce, You’re not Spanish. I know, crazy right? You may have re-recorded your CD from last year (B-Day) and added some “Spanish tracks” as the kids say, but did you know you’re not actually Spanish? You’ve said you can only sing Spanish and not speak it. I think that’s rude. There are talented singers […]

Beyonce Sings With Kermit the Frog

In a move that would have been pulled by one Miss Tyra Banks, Beyonce wanted to double up her exposure by teaming up with Kermit the Frog/Shakira. Her new nickname will be Shakira the Frog. Beyonce made Shakira the Frog dress and look exactly like her in the video for their new song, “Beautiful Liar.” […]

Tyra Banks Steals Beyonce’s Thunder

There would be no way that I could love Tyra Banks any more than I do. I don’t know if she knows how insane she is and I love me some crazies. What better way to celebrate Beyonce making the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition than to have Tyra make it all about her […]

Oscars to Beyonce: To the Left, To the Left

The Oscar nominations are in and Beyonce was told to put everything she owns in a box to the left. While Dreamgirls was nominated for 7 Oscars, it was not nominated for best film and Beyonce was not nominated for anything, except for my future wife. She can definitely win that award (sorry Mandy Moore, […]