Bad News. Dead Anna Nicole Smith Won’t Be Getting Any of Howard Marshall’s Money. How Will She Survive? Oh, Wait.

You wantsomemoney?  You likemybody?  Want a Viper?  I can almost hear the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith saying that on a constant loop in my head upwards of 4 days per week.  Anyway, bad news for dead Anna Nicole.  She won’t be getting her hands on her ex-husband’s oil money, so says a Federal Appeals […]

Who Wants to See Anna Nicole Die Again?

No joke they could have made a better movie if they used the actual dead bodies of Anna Nicole and Daniel and made their arms and hands move by pulling strings. Think “Weekend at Bernie Part 5.” So in case you couldn’t get enough of the “story of Anna Nicole” you can now watch it […]

Larry Birkhead is the Father

Breaking News: The DNA results are in an Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole’s daughter, Dannielynn. Larry actually said, “I told you so!” Seriously, 10 year-olds say that. Brilliant! We’re sorry to have to say this, Howard K. Stern, but you are no longer in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Anna […]

It’s DNA Baby Daddy Day!

So folks today is the day we find out who is still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Anna Nicole Baby Daddy. The DNA results are in today so we should be finding out if Howard K Stern or Larry Birkhead or Virgie Arthur is the father of Anna Nicole’s daughter. So you […]

Howard K Stern Chickens Out

If (in the voice of Maury Povich) Howard K. Stern finds out he is not the father of Anna Nicole’s baby he will not fight whomever the real father is. As a side note, did you guys know that Anna Nicole was no longer alive? I just heard that the other day, but haven’t been […]

What Killed Anna Nicole Smith?

Doh! Worse than an American Idol “after the break” cliffhanger, the zany and wacky doctor in the Anna Nicole Smith case now knows what has killed her, but will leave us hanging until Monday at 10:30 AM. What Dr. Perper is going to disclose to the public is “going to be a significant announcement,” according […]

Breaking News: Anna Nicole Smith Could Use a Computer

With the investigation into the death of Anna Nicole Smith (did you hear she died?) dragging out longer than an American Idol Results Show episode, authorities are now focusing in on a computer that Anna had in her room where she died. More shocking was that Anna could even use a computer. Even more shocking […]

Only Anna Nicole From Here on Out

Since it is technically funeral day for Anna Nicole, I only saw it fitting to only report on Anna Nicole from here on out today. That’s right so if Anna comes back to life, I’ll cover it. The five latest updates consist of the following: Anna’s body is officially on its way to the Bahamas […]

Anna Nicole “Funeral Friday” Brought to You by Trimspa Baby!

So today is Anna Nicole Smiths funeral. Were you invited? I wasn’t and I even dusted off the old Ouija Board and tried to contact Anna to get the invite. No dice. Everyone that’s going is sooo lucky that they get to be in the Bahama’s today. It’s snowy here in Boston. Anyway, enough about […]

Anna Nicole Watch: Is This a Skit?

Is it just me or is watching the Anna Nicole “news” coverage kinda like a skit? I sorta feel like I’m watching something on SNL, where Chris Farley would be playing Virgie – Anna Nicole’s mother. I was surprised when they allowed cameras into the “court room” that looked more like a conference room. The […]

Anna Nicole Watch: Anna Would’ve Shot You if You Fed Her Baby

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the former nanny of Anna Nicole’s baby has a document that contains a ton of horrible allegations about Anna. What do those include? Good question. Let’s see if this covers it: Anna told the nanny not to feed Danielynn too much because she wanted her baby to be sexy […]

Anna Nicole Watch: The Grandmother

That’s right, I’m back! I saved some whales, sponsored Britney, opened a school for girls in a third world country, but am now back. Of course I leave on the day when the Anna Nicole news broke and as each day passed and the story got crazier I couldn’t believe I didn’t have my laptop. […]

Anna Nicole: Larry is Does Be Baby Daddy

At least that’s how I pictured she’d say it. According to my friends over at TMZ in sealed court documents a random lady (Laura Payne) who spent a ton of time with Anna Nicole claims that she told her in phone calls and IMs that Larry Birkhead is the father of the baby. This lady […]

Anna Nicole: You Ain’t None Isn’t Daddy!

…at least that’s how I think she would say it. Anna Nicole’s ex-boyfriend has officially filed a lawsuit against Anna, claiming he’s the father of Anna’s new daughter and wants the baby to take a paternity test. Hey, that’s just like it says in the Bible! According to the lawsuit, Anna was taking meth and […]