The Ultimate America's Next Top Model Recap Guide

Nigel Barker Does Not Want Tyra Banks in a Headlock

Yeah that’s right. A-list. Ok fine, P-list. Anyway, IBBB was invited to the GQ Fashion Show and after-party at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York on Monday night. The GQ show was being hosted by Nigel Barker from America’s Next Top Model. Normally I wouldn’t care less, but now was my chance to achieve one […]

Who Won America’s Next Top Model?

In a surprise twist, Tyra actually won this seasons of America’s Next Top Model. Anyway, resident America’s Next Top Model recapper, Jenny, is back one last time with her thoughts on the final episode of ANTM. We’re all appreciative of Jenny’s work this season and by paying her 13 cents an hour we wanted to […]

America’s Next Top Model: The Woods People

Jenny, the IBBB resident “America’s Next Top Model recapper” is back this week with her thoughts on last nights episode. Looks like the models are still in Australia and doing every stereotypical Australian thing you can do. This time they wind up in the woods of Australia and learn from the “woods people.” Interesting, yet […]

America’s Next Top Model Recap, Recap

Jenny, the IBBB resident America’s Next Top Model recapper may have missed last weeks episode due to a high intensity rehab program, but she’s back this week to recap the “recap episode.” Let’s see what Jenny had to say: This week marks ANTM’s re-cap episode. This annoys me. I already know what has happened up […]

America’s Next Top Model: Someone Put a Tent Over This Circus Please!

Resident America’s Next Top Model reviewer, Jenny, is back again to recap all the hijinks and ridiculousness that took place on last night’s America’s Next Top Model. Finally, Brittany gets her fight wig/weave professionally removed. I wonder if this is covered under her insurance? Tia Mowry makes another cameo. This is two weeks in a […]

America’s Next Top Model: New Nicknames

Resident ImBringingBloggingBack America’s Next Top Model reviewer, Jenny, provides us with another great synopsis of this weeks episode. Let’s see what Jenny thought of this episode: For this week’s competition, the girls have to give themselves a memorable nickname, (does that mean they are now members of Christian Science?) and get schooled on how to […]

America’s Next Top Model: Dieting Plus Sized Models, Huh?

Resident America’s Next Top Model recapper, Jenny, is back once again for her thoughts on the train-wreck that is America’s Next Top Model. Let’s see what her thoughts are this time around: I don’t understand Natasha’s hair. Is it crimped, or is it a Halloween wig?And why does Natasha make cat noises at her husband […]

America’s Next Top Model: Vogue Poses?

America’s Next Top Model clearly must be running out of things to do. This weeks episode consists of a “play dead” challenge and “voguing through lasers.” Really? Resident IBBB ANTM writer/commenter, Jenny, reviews this weeks crapisode. I just noticed that the stamps on the “Tyra Mail” are a picture of Tyra’s face. I also don’t […]

America’s Next Top Model: The Makeover

Resident America’s Next Top Model writer for ImBringingBloggingBack, Jenny, is back for a third week sharing her feelings with what took place in this episode and how ANTM is single-handedly bringing back the “z-snap!” Here’s Jenny…. Week three kicks off with the best episode of the season…the make-over episode. It does not disappoint, as it […]

America’s Next Top Model: “Modeling is Acting Like a Ho and Making it Fashion” – Tyra Banks

We at IBBB are lucky to have resident America’s Next Top Model enthusiast, Jenny, write up a little somethin’ somethin’ about last night’s episode. Seriously, hysterical. Thanks Jenny! Overall, this episode of ANTM was rather uneventful…Regardless, I’ve included some highlights: Miss Jay comes marching onto the football field and delivers the news that the girls […]

America’s Next Top Model: Tyra Mail

America’s Next Top Model is back and as promised months ago. ImBringingBloggingBack would have a guest writer for this season of ANTM (as the kids are calling it). Check out Jenny’s hilarious take on last nights season premiere. Ah yes…America’s Next Top Model; Cycle 8 has started! Before settling into watch the show, I checked […]