The Funniest 16 & Pregnant Recaps You've Ready in a While

16 & Pregnant: Sans the Recap

Yeah.  I mean, even I’m not going to be the jerk who makes fun of the episode where the finance/father dies, the baby almost dies, and everyone is trying to get over the unexpected drowning.  Sure I could toss in a joke about the toilet paper and tape that was holding together the eyeglasses of […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: If Renee Graziano Was 16 and Pregnant

Well folks another season of “Can My Fetus Take Drivers Ed Too?” is coming to an end. Part of me wants to say “finally!” whilst the other part of me wants to say “finally!”  Either way, you might as well join me on my Facebook page (click here, jerks) so that we can really get […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: If Kelly Clarkson Had Lost American Idol

Hey y’all!  Turn on the Closed Captioning because it’s time for another crapisode of “I’s Thoughts Condoms Were For Catchin Fireflies.”  And this time we’re down south again so good luck trying to piece together what in the holy hell anyone is saying.  This time around we get to meet Sarah.  She’s 16 years old […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: Is There a Baby on My Stomach?

The days go by so fast and it seems like the girls are just getting easier.  It’s like they used to put up a fight but now they’re tricked by d*ck and ready to become reality stars.  Had 16 & Pregnant been around 15 years ago, Kim Zolciak probably would have entered our lives a […]

16 & Pregnant: When House Hunters and Hoarders Meet Amber and Gary’s Summer Cottage

Once in a blue moon the white trash gods enter our lives and grant us all the wishes our blackened hearts could ever desire.  This time around we get to squint our eyes and tilt our ear towards the television so we can try and understand the words that are coming out of Myranda’s mouth.  […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: Long Live Davy Jones!

Someone get Micky Dolenz on the horn because Davy Jones is back baby!  And apparently he’s fathered a child as a horse of a different color.  If you don’t know what any of that means you’re clearly not at the right blog.  That’s right folks, it’s time for another crapisode of “You Put That In […]

16 and Pregnant Recap: I Want That Baby. Bad.

Well here we are again, face to face, a couple of silver spoons.  Oh wait wrong show.  It’s time to talk about another teen girl who was in heat and now has a human to deal with.  That’s right folks, it’s time for another crapisode of “You Mean It Doesn’t Shoot Confetti?”  This time around […]

16 and Pregnant: Dora and the Cage Fighting Model

If it’s one thing I can’t get enough of it’s teens who trade extra help math sessions after school for a little ding-a-ling under the bleachers instead.  I say that in the least creepy way possible.  Too late.  This time around we get to know the glorious life of 16 year old Lindsey.  She lives […]

Briana’s 16 & Pregnant Recap: The One With Selena’s Killer

Welcome back.  It’s time for yet another crapisode of “I’m Skipping Confirmation to Make Unprotected Love.”  This week we get to take a sneak peak into the life of Briana.  Apparently this chick wasn’t overly bricks because she graduated high school a year early.  However, per usual, there’s just one catch.  She may be a […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: Don’t Take Away Someones Rodeo. You Hear Me?!

Start manufacturing cement corks for your daughters woo-woo because it’s time for another season of “Condoms Make Better Water Balloons Anyway!”  I must admit I was really starting to miss watching young girls make horrible decisions, yet still make it on television and probably do better than me on the regular.  We kick things off […]

16 & Pregnant Reunion Recap: This Sh*t is 2 HOURS and I am Pissed at All of You For Making Me Recap This (the recap!)

We are ALL in a fight right now. I thought I would tune into the reunion episode of “I Wish I Traded in My Quinceanera Pinata for a Box of Condoms” and what do I learn? This sh*t is 2 hours long. 2 hours! I legit just gave my DVR the finger and, well, these […]

16 and Pregnant Recap: Assault with a Ripe Banana

Awwww sookie sookie!  It’s finally time for a little 16 & Pregnant beat down.  It’s a shame that more beatings didn’t take place during the season as it wouldn’t have sucked so bad (like Barb when she forgets her Polydent – hey oh!).  Needless to say I only enjoy watching reality shows where people just […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: Food Coloring on Your Tampons: Art Projects for Girls “In Trouble”

Throw your birth control in the trash and flush the unused condoms down your rusty toilet bowl because it’s time for another episode of “How the Hell Old Am I and Why Did My Period Start and Stop in the Same Month?”  How many episodes are we into so far this season?  15?  452?  It’s […]

16 and Pregnant Recap: “It’s Gonna Be a B*tch Jungle” with This Pee Jug and Pooh

The title of this blog post is a sentence that has never been said by anyone at any time, ever.  Now before everyone starts crying and punching like April during a meth binge, I do already think that this entire crapisode, well, crapped.  However comma backslash, it was filled with enough scoops of crazy to […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: The One Where the Less Energetic Amber Gets Pregnant By Wanda Sykes

I’m back from my Memorial Day vacation just in time to be burnt to a crisp and all caught up on tweens who spread.  This time around we get to meet Izabella, yes with a “Z.”  Izabella may or may not be Amber Portwood with less fighting energy, but one thing I know for sure […]

On a Very Special Episode of 16 & Pregnant…

Oh MTV aren’t you the cunning one (latin meaning: person with two c*nts). As a way to try and stop me from making fun of “girls in trouble” they’ve decided to toss a 16 year old with an eating disorder my way to see how I would handle it. Well, my friends, this isn’t my […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: What Would You Dooooo For a Cleondike Bar?

Join Me on Facebook & Twitter You wanted to be 16?  Well you better start getting pregnant and getting pregnant fast.  This week on “16 & Oh You Make a Baby That Way?” we get to meet Cleondra (I think) who lives in Horny Lake, Mississippi or Missouri.  I don’t happen to know if either […]

16 & Pregnant Recap: I Didn’t Know Adele Was 16 and Pregnant

Get Social: Join Me on Facebook & Twitter: Let’s all get on the same page and get on the same page quick.  Everyone in this crapisode may or may not be high the entire time, including the mom to be.  This time around we get to take a journey to Banjo Strings East Kackilackee, Ohio […]

16 and Pregnant: Jaime’s Dad FTW!

Get Social: Join Me on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t waste your time Googling the word “condoms” because it’s time for yet another endless crapisode of “16 & While I Already Know What Pitocin is, I Haven’t Taken My SATs Yet.”  Personally I like that title better.  This time around we get to follow along with […]

16 and Pregnant Recap: Head Out on the Highway!

Get Social:  Join Me on Facebook and Twitter! Hey y’all I’m Leah and… Another week, another cheerleader in trouble.  If you ever wondered what it would be like if The Cosby Show morphed with the George Lopez and then they cast lifeless Sondra as the 16-year old who’s pregnant well wonder no more because I’m […]