When White Trash Reunites

When white-trash reunites, magic happens. Real magic. I have no idea what that means. According to my friends over at X17 Online, Britney drove her ass up to Valencia, CA to bring some “legal documents” to her mom. Lynne was just hanging out in her trailer and doesn’t look too thrilled. However, let’s keep in mind that these are just pictures and we have no idea what they said to each other, which is why I gave them words to say…special words. So was it a restraining order that Britney gave her mom? Was it a take-out menu that she’s returning? Perhaps a receipt from lunch? One may never know and by “one” I mean “me.” One may also not care.
However, according to TMZ, Britney served her mom with legal documents asking her to stay away from her children if she is on medication. It’s not technically a restraining order and, if it was, Britney couldn’t be the one to give these to her mom. So basically this is just a letter from her lawyer. It’s kinda like she’s in homeroom, passing a note. Dumb.
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