So, Uh, Who Went “To Town” on Britney’s Dress?

Are Monica Lewinsky jokes still funny? Not really? I’ll pass then. Let me be the first to say, however, that I’ve been teeing off on Britney Spears basically since I started this ghetto little blog almost 2-years ago and I’d like to announce that as soon as Britney is 100% cured of “the crazy” I am totally jumping back on the Britney Spears bandwagon/bangwagon. She’s looking good again. Sure maybe it’s a face full of caked on make-up, but it works for her.

Britney was a secret surprise guest at the Generation Rescue event that was hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey. Way to steal their thunder, Brit! I’m sorta liking the new Britney. Her new attitude and look really says “Sure I’m a bit of a nut bag, but I’m pulling through it and I can take a couple of ‘man shots’ to the face and have it drip down onto my dress and I’m still gonna wear that dress and get photographed in that dress and have these photos seen by millions.”

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