Meet Britney Spears’ Ass!

Good morning and welcome to Britney’s ass. Please be polite and introduce yourself. Britney and her Siamese twin/cousin, Allie, spent a little rest and relaxation at the beach this past weekend. And, let’s face it, it really is well deserved rest and relaxation. I mean after having to constantly tan and lip-sync, sometime you really just need some down time.

In other Britney Spears related news, it is being reported in some random country, that I’m not even sure is on the map, that Britney will be writing a $10 million tell-all book about her life to date. According to this article, Britney will talk about how breaking up with Justin Timberlake caused her to turn to drinking and drugs (great, just more crap to feed his ego), how KFed almost drove her to suicide (really? Maybe she was still on “the drugs”), and will even call her mom, Lynn Spears, a “stage mom from hell.” Sweet, this sounds like a great book. Now if only she would confess that she was molested by Mickey Mouse while on The Mickey Mouse Club, I would consider buying it. Oh and by “buying it” I really mean “not buying it.”

Who Said That!?! and Who Shot That Ass!?!

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