Know How Britney is Worth $125,000,000? Yeah, Well She Gets to Spend .0012% of That Each Week. Score!

So you know how Britney has earned and is worth an estimated $125,000,000? Yeah, well she basically has been put on an allowance and can spend .0012% of that per week. Ch-ching! According to those sick sons-a-bitches over at a judge has ruled that Daddy Honky Tonk Spears is allowed to give Britney a debit card that has a whopping limit of $1,500 per week. Wow, that’s great. It’s nice that someone is finally not allowing her to spend her money that she’s earned. Anyway, to no surprise I am just as good at math/crunching numbers as I am with adding photoshopped money bags into a picture and figured out that Britney can spend about .0012% of what she’s earned. There really are no additional details except I just did math. That’ll be all. Good day.
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