KFed to Brit: Go to Rehab With Lindsay

According to an upcoming issue of Star Magazine, KFed wants Britney to check her tired ass into rehab, as he’s afraid she’s going to hurt herself. A random source close to the ex-couple has said that Kevin has tried everything to get Britney to go to rehab, even threatening to take away her kids (she has kids?). KFed is also concerned that Britney isn’t spending enough time with her kids and that they’re being raised by strangers.

Wait a minute, now that is a low blow KFed! First off, how do you even know that she has kids? Second, if she did have kids I think we would know because they would probably be in all the paparazzi pictures of Britney out 5 nights a week getting hammered and showing her “hoo-ha” as she gets in and out of cars. Third, she doesn’t need rehab, she’s just tired and needs a nap. Wow, give her a break.
Who Said That!?! and Who Shot That!?!

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