It’s Ok to Sneak a Drink Now Lindsay, I Have a Feeling the Attention Will Be on Britney For a Little While

Let’s face it, life is a little more interesting when Britney goes all 6’s and 7’s. It has been reported by that the interview and photo-shoot with OK! Magazine was a complete shit-show. Allegedly the photos of Britney are so bad that the magazine feels like it can end her career. Really? Isn’t kind of over anyway? Randoms on the set of the shoot are saying that Britney’s mood was all jacked up and kept on changing each time she would return from the bathroom, which was multiple times. Maybe she was just constipated. That can put you in a weird mood, no?

So OK! Magazine is in a bit of a situation now because they are trying to decide if they should show the pictures for what they really are or edit things up in order to protect Britney. Here’s my thought. Show the “nice” interview and then sell the photos to some websites (or donate them to IBBB). It’s a win-win.

I attempted to reach Britney for comment, but my calls were not returned….but only because I didn’t leave messages, as I don’t have her number and had to just hang up my phone. Wait, where was I?
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