Is It Winter In LA?

Brrrr I hear it’s winter in LA right about now. I knew that LA was in a different time zone then me, but I didn’t know they had completely different weather then NYC in August. Britney was out and about with her two kids, What’s His Face and The Other One, at LA restaurant “Cravings.” Look, I may not be the best parent to my 15 bastard kids that are spread out over 3 different continents, but I think it may be a little too warm to dress your kids in A WINTER HAT and BOOTS. Yes, winter hat and boots. Oh, and the sweater vest may be a little dramatic for this time of year as well. What’s His Face looks like he’s about to burst into tears…and flames. As a side note Britney has managed to not look white-trash in a picture. What a let-down. Ok, so we see her bra, some cleavage, and her stomach but at least her teeth aren’t yellow. See? The glass is half full.
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