I Wanna See Britney’s Diary Videos!

I’m hoping my vigorous letter writing campaign to Santa is finally going to pay off! ShowBizSpy is claiming that Britney Spears has some video diaries that she’s planning on releasing that will show all of her crazy times over the past 6-months. Wait, are they sure she didn’t say “video diarrhea?” Sometimes when she switches from her British accent to the terrible southern twang you can barely understand her and I wouldn’t put it past her to film herself doing poopy plop-pants in the toilet.

As the rumor goes, Britney will release the gems on the Interwebs or to MTV. Supposedly Brit goes to town on her mom, dad, trash-bag sister, friends, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguierjkenakdnaslkjakdjlera. I mean, I’m sure none of this is even close to true, but if it were I would dedicate my life to recapping episodes of Britney’s diary.

Britney is photographed above leaving a Burbank, CA music studio with her former manger Larry Rudolph. Who cares, let’s see those video diaries and even some video diarrhea if you’re up for it!
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