I See You Britney. We All See You. We’re In the Tree Above You.

Nice try with the huge umbrella, Mary Poppins, but looks like they got the shots of Britney anyway. Britney was allegedly shooting a new video at a Bel Air house that was rented for 6 hours the other day. Perhaps she’s redoing “Hit Me Baby One More Time?” Why not. I say just keep re-releasing that song and making new videos.

Britney is said to still be on a natural high after her 3 wins at the MTV Music Awards. I know I’m totally jumping on the bandwagon, but Britney is looking good lately. Who knew that lack of crazy could really do such good things for your overall look. Don’t get me wrong, if/when Britney loses her mind again I will, of course, be the first to jump ship again. For the time being, I’ll be supportive.


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