How Much is That Sex Tape in the Window?

…the one with Brit wagging her tail? How much is that sex tape in the window? I do hope that sex tape’s for sale. Annnnnd scene.

A trash bag UK tabloid is claiming that there is a sex tape of Britney and Kevin from their honeymoon out there and KFed is trying to shop that tape around for $50 million. Although, out of the kindness of his heart facsimile, KFed is willing to sell the tape back to Britney for $30 million and custody of the two children, a savings of $20 million. I just hope that if she agrees to this she makes him give her Boardwalk, Park Place, and a “get out of jail free” card. I mean, it’s only fair.

A source close to Federline (my guess, a probation officer) told the UK tabloid that “they did nothing all day but have sex and play the odd game of chess.” See, right there you know this story is made up. There is no way that either of those two Mensa members know how to play chess. Unless the “source” meant “play with her odd chest” I don’t believe this one.

Who Said Sex Tape!?!

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