Hey Dasani, You Sure About This?

I’m not one to throw a stone, although I am, but Britney was working out a Bally’s Total Fitness in Studio City again yesterday and, uh…um….er….is she losing any weight at all? I mean, you figured she’d look a little slimmer, but not so much with Britney. Maybe this is because she walks on the treadmill with sunglasses on? Anyway, Britney was shot enjoying some Dasani water and I’m pretty sure the folks over at Dasani are cringing kinda like when Lindsay was shot drinking Coke about 24-hours before she headed off to camp rehab.

In other Britney news updates that are either true or aren’t true:
  • Britney is is talks to perform a major comeback show in Las Vegas, in which she’ll earn $10 million.
  • Britney is back in the studio working on her next album and producers are saying she is great to work with and has that “it” factor
  • People working out at Britney’s gym are pissed at her because she’s been kicking them out of classes that they’re taking so she can enjoy a private class. Do you really need to see Britney sweating and dry humping while at the gym? Actually, I would. I’d be pissed to.
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