Happy V-Day to Britney’s New Weave

New day, new hair. Britney headed to her dance studio so she could practice some of her fly dance moves that typically consist of her raising both arms in the air and resting them on her head. She took her dog (child replacement) and tried to get into the studio unnoticed, but not before about 15,000 paparazzi snapped up some photos of Britney and her new weave. Her hair is looking awesome. It looks like the top of her scalp is burnt right down the middle. Perhaps someone poured cherry Kool-Aid onto her scalp. Speaking of scalp, I think they forgot to put some of that fancy weave on the back of her head too because I’m peeping a little bald spot. How cute, she’s like a middle-aged man losing his hair. I remember when my sister was little and would cut pieces of her dolls hair off. No joke, this is exactly what is looked like. If only she had continued doing that she could have been a weaveologist to Britney or, perhaps, a panel expert on America’s Next Top Model. Way to go, Jen.
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