Greasy Ratty Hair? Pissed Off Look? Stains on Her Ripped Shirt? Worn Boots? Do I Smell a Relapse!?


When the top story on the news is Kate Gosselin’s new hair, I long for the days when Britney Spears was all over the place and declaring Jihad on all the Starbucks in a 15 mile radius of Los Angeles.  I mean, I don’t want her knocking over a 7-11 or stealing her little sisters baby, but I wouldn’t mind a little of the old Britney back.  And when I saw these latest photos of Britney Spears doing a little shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday with that pissed off look, ratty hair, and coffee stains on her ripped shirt I thought maybe, just maybe, we’ll catch a brief glimpse of umbrella girl one more time.

In other Britney Spears Not Hair news, it’s being reported that Brito has a new single that should start making it’s way onto the radio this coming March. Also rumored is that David Guetta may have produced her new single.  You will remember David Guetta as the person who single-handedly saved Kelly Rowland’s career thanks to the remix of “When Loves Take Over.”  If you don’t remember that then get the hell out of here before I call the cops.

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