Give Britney Her Kids Back, Y’all!

Time to oil the screen door on the trailer because August is going to be a big month for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Britney and KFed had gone into mediation recently over custody issues with their two kids, “What’s His Face” and “The Other One,” but they couldn’t really agree on anything (except the fact that their both white trash with money). KFed wants sole physical and legal custody of the kids and he wants Britney to stick with her 3 days a week visitation program. KFed also took a minute to talk about a new song he’s working on called, “Daddy’s Home.” It should more appropriately be called, “Daddy’s Home Because of Mommy’s Money.”

In other Britney news, it’s also that time of year when the “Britney Spears may perform at the MTV VMA’s” rumors go into first gear. The President of MTV states that they’re not ruling anything out and that everyone deserves a second and third chance. I think it would be more fun watching Jamie Lynn Spears and Britney Spears taking care of their kids for 3 minutes 50 seconds live on stage. I’d like to see that instead. I’ll write a letter.

Britney is pictured above over the weekend crying…..again. Maybe it’s because her hair still looks like there’s a family of chipmunks living in it or perhaps it’s because her shorts look like the backdrop of the opening credits of the TV show “In Living Color.” Or maybe, just maybe, the bra that she actually remembered to put on this time is cutting into her rack attack. The possibilities are endless.

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