Cartoon Britney = Cartoon Crotch Rot?

Who wants to see cartoon Britney on a cartoon treadmill? If you’re like the tens of others who have wanted to see this you may just be in luck. Britney’s next “song,” Break the Ice, is rumored to be totally animated. I’m psyched. Oh, and by “psyched” I mean I’m slightly in a coma. The powers to be are trying to say that Britney was otherwise occupied and couldn’t actually be in the video herself. If by “otherwise occupied” they are referencing when Britney declared jihad in her house and held her kids hostage then “yes” Britney, like a stinky airplane bathroom, was occupado por favor.

I’m hoping there are some cartoon flashes of the “gentlemen greeter” and perhaps a side of cartoon sideboob. This toon better be drawn to scale or I’m going to be pissed.

In other “Britney goes back to work” news she is scheduled to play a small role on the CBS show
“How I Met Your Mother” on March 24. In other TV news, apparently “How I Met Your Mother” is still on the air. In other IBBB news, I am now going to be forced to watch “How I Met Your Mother” for the first and last time.
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