Can Someone Please Photoshop This Britney Into Real Life? Sweet, thanks.


Britney Spears has been drawn to life in the new ads for Candie’s.  To no surprise, this is a major campaign for Kohl’s which, if Britney wasn’t famous, she would most certainly be working.  Starting off “ringing” at the register and then one day she’d be cleaning out dressing rooms.  What a great “what if” moment.

Brito-Paloozza was shot by three world renowned photographers:  Annie Leibovitz, Mark Selinger, and Terry Richardson.  I’ve only heard of one of them, so apparently I’m not worldly enough.  Maybe I should be working at Kohl’s.

This Candie’s campaign takes a look at Britney through the lens of each unique photographer.  However, there is one common theme:  Photoshop.  Seriously it looks nothing like the Brit that we’ve all come to know and love tolerate.  Hopefully one day we’ll live in a world where this Britney can come to life.  I have big dreams and big goals.

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