Britney’s Tires and Boobs Go Flat

Hey sexy and not crazy at all! How are you? After a brief mental breakdown, Britney was back in action and driving her car like an Iraqi missile when, uh-oh, she went bust. Her tire busted and, clearly, her bust were busted too. was up Britney’s ass and following her up Sunset Blvd while she had a flat tire. Since Britney is a braniac she continued to drive on her flat tire and even attempted to get on the freeway when she finally had a moment of clarity and decided to stop. That must be great for the car. Britney takes care of her car the same way she takes care of her kids.
The folks of x17, of course, decided to help her out. Maybe it was the desperation. Maybe it was Britney’s busted rack hanging out of her whorey-white lingerie that she was wearing. I believe that is the tradition shirt of the classic street-walker. Regardless, she hopped into the car of the paparazzi and they took her back to her house. Britney asked them to get her car for her and then text messaged with friends on the car ride home.
Britney was nice enough to invite the paparazzi person/stranger into her house, but they had to leave their camera in the car. Britney has standards after all. When the paparazzi helper got into her house he asked Britney if he could take a picture and Britney said, “Don’t be lame.” Awwww that Britney. Ba-da-ba-ba-ba I’m lovin’ it!
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