Britney’s Pink Wig Turns Itself In

The dangerous streets of LA may be safe again. Britney Spears, and her pink wig, turned themselves in to police after she was charged with two misdemeanors a few weeks back for a little game of hit and run. Britney was fingerprinted and booked (just like every regular mother). Britney will be going to court at some point. All boring. You know what’s not boring? Showing up to turn yourself in wearing a pink party wig.

Look at the expression on Britney’s face. Pure joy! That’s right young girls of America, possible jail time and being charged with hit and run is a real blast! So drive fast, take chances! Hell, drink an orange Fanta! Because at the end of the day being a mother of two children and multi-millionaire truly means you have no responsibilities and life really is a party! Prison’s a nice break, y’all!

Britney’s Pink Wig Turns Itself In

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