Britney’s Old Weave Now Her Dress

Ever wonder what Britney does with all of her old weaves and wigs? Well don’t lose sleep over philosophical questions like this any longer. Britney, clearly, has taken her old ratty bleached out weave and is wearing it as a dress. She could have really pulled this one off if she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. I mean, it’s not like we haven’t seen her “gentleman greeter” before. She’s selfish. See, this is another reason why I would make the perfect celebrity personal assistant. When Britney was just about to walk out of the house I would simply say, “Wait a minute. Lose the dress underneath and make sure one of your boobs is hanging out the side.” See? I’m helpful. I can get coffee too and can type roughly 100 words per minute. I mean, I never timed it, but just assume.
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