Britney’s New Song, Womanizer, Makes the Rounds

Britney was caught rocking a black Halloween fright wig after she shot part of her video for her new single, Womanizer, the other day in LA. I’m not sure if she ripped Rihanna’s old wig right off of her head or asked to borrow it, but either way Britney is back in a wig and that’s all that matters.

According to US Weekly, while shooting the video Britney sported this wig, tattoos, and would basically dry hump the kitchen counter in the restaurant they were filming the video in and had to make out with a dude in a business suit all while eating cherries. She sounds busy. I hope she wore a hairnet and gloves while Operation Restaurant Humpfest commenced.

Wanna listen to Britney’s new song? Well click on the link below and you will be able to enjoy it in all its nasally glory.

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