Britney’s Kids Enter Rehab. Meanwhile, Britney Stays Busy Writing “Death Note.”

Ahhh, see what I did with the title? I made you think her kids were in rehab. I’m tricky. Britney’s kids were brought to “Promises”rehab (or “Promise of a New Day” as I like to call it – shout out to Paula Abdul) to visit mommy in the clink. Even Kevin Federline made it out to rehab to check on his ex-wife.

It is now rumored that while Britney had some downtime before she checked in head into rehab she kinda wrote a letter to Santa Claus. Well it wasn’t so much a letter to Santa as it was a list of people who she wanted dead. Oh, that’s sweet. According to NewsOfTheWorld Britney had her suitcase checked when she entered rehab so they could make sure she didn’t have any drugs on her. It was then that they found a note that allegedly listed out some people that she would like dead. Who made this list you ask? Well, that would be Kevin Federline and some members of the paparazzi. Yeah, you’re nuts. If this is true I would love to see that note. I wonder what she was going to do with it? That thing would be worth more than finding an original copy of The Declaration of Independence. Since I am the writer of this award winning blog, I have actually gotten my hands on the “death note” from Britney Spears. See below.

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