Britney’s Gut Costa Rican Vacation Wrap Up Palooza 2008!

I used to go to grade school with a girl from Costa Rica. Her name was Yessina. I wonder if Britney saw her whilst she and her gut were vacationing? Anygut, if you missed any of the Freakin’ Costa Rican minute by minute recap that all the other blogs were running then you’ve come to the right place for a quick picture recap. Here’s what went down. Britney spent some time with her gut hanging out on the beach, followed by riding a 4-wheeler with her gut smooshed down. Later, Britney walked the beach with her gut hanging out and then she rinsed her gut off and did her best “Jesus on the cross” impersonation. I just noticed these are out of sequence. Oh well.

No offense, but unless Britney is pregnant she shouldn’t be wearing that on the beach. Look, sometimes taking the “crazy pills” puts some weight on you. It’s a side-effect. I don’t take crazy pills, although I should, but I spent the majority of the winter months blogging and eating boxes of Entenmann’s cookies. I shit you not. So, kids, you won’t see IBBB on the beach until I do a little exercise. The same rule should apply to Britney, although since she’s a celebrity it should be a law and she shouldn’t be allowed out of her house until she is stick skinny. Ugh. If I ruled the world.

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