Britney’s Circus Cover Has Photoshopped the Memory of Her Being Taken Out on a Stretcher from My Mind!

Britney Spears looks easy and breezy on the cover of her new album “Circus” and this picture has almost completely erased from my mind the images of her attacking a defenseless SUV with her Mary Poppins umbrella. Oh the good old days…when the jokes basically wrote themselves.

Anybald, I’m glad Britney is looking good again because, to me, when you look attractive it makes you a better person and I pay more attention to you. Fatasses can take a giant step to the back of the line.

Britney also revealed on her website that her next single will in fact be “Circus” which is explained as an “up-tempo track” according to Britney. Yeah, that’s code word for “I pressed the “up-tempo” button on my Casio piano.”

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